The Holy Marriage Blessing is the Path to Unite....

An edited version of Rev. Moon’s speech given to fifteen thousand dignitaries in Seoul, Korea, on August 20, 2005, wherein he was honored with the “King of Peace” award. His speech is titled: “The Holy Marriage Blessing is the Path to Unite the Virtues of Heaven and Earth and Harmonize and Unify the Universe as One.”

God’s love is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. God’s ideal of creation must absolutely be completed on the earth. Jesus passed into the spirit world because of Israel’s disbelief. Today, Heaven has sent the True Parents, who are the saviors of humanity, the Messiah and the returning Lord. They are bringing the history of the providence to a close. Let those with ears to hear, hear. Let those with eyes to see, see with certainty. Let those with mouth to speak, give witness to all nations. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon who stands before you now is the Savior, Messiah, Returning Messiah, Peace King, and True Parent. He has manifested on earth with Heaven’s anointing as the one for whom humanity has waited with eager yearning.

God, Himself, has sent message asking the six billion people on earth to work for the Peace Kingdom, centering on the True Parents. If you cannot believe these facts, put your life on the line in prayer. Heaven will give you answers that you seek in prayer.

What is the path that fallen humanity must take? It is to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing from God through the True Parents.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon who stands before you now is the Savior, Messiah, Returning Messiah, Peace King, and True Parent

You, as wild olives, must be engrafted to the True Parents (true olive tree) through the Blessing. The Blessing is a precious condition that indemnifies history. It is a holy and grand ceremony of blessing and grace. In this ceremony, we resolve the grief of God from the fall of Adam and Eve and pass through the standard of bride and groom that Jesus was not able to accomplish.

The Holy Marriage Blessing existed within the innermost heart of God since the time of creation. God has always pursued this since the Fall. All the sorrows of history can be brought to closure through it. It is a starting point for a new history for humankind. It is the most certain way to extricate oneself from the dominion of Satan. It is the only way to inherit the bonds of True Parents love. It is the process and end result of the transfer of Heaven’s full authority. The Holy Marriage Blessing becomes the key to opening the gates of Heaven.

The Era Before the Coming of Heaven, when the world was under the dominion of Satan has ended. We have now entered the Era After the Coming of Heaven when the Peace Kingdom will be established. This is the best of times for God, and for Jesus, who came to this earth but left before he could completely fulfill God’s will.

The Holy Marriage Blessing existed within the innermost heart of God since the time of creation

The heavenly ideal is completed when the will of God is fulfilled and the heavenly way is established in the family, centering on true love. True love exists for the public benefit: it seeks first to give and live for the sake of the whole. It gives without end….It has the power to bring an eternal end to the walls created after the fall. The heavenly way is a life of true love. It is the path to preserve God’s blood lineage forever. You must make an absolute determination to continue on this path without changing.

Ladies and gentlemen, why do we marry? We marry to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and to save humankind. The wife is a daughter of God and a daughter of humanity. The husband, son of God and humanity. The husband is the right foot and the wife, the left foot. They should leave footprints of a life lived for the sake of God and humanity. These footprints are in fact, your families. If one foot is not whole then the person will limp….

Our Mission:
Respected leaders, we are now entering a glorious age. The Peace Kingdom, the Kingdom of God is being established before your eyes. My life of over 80 years, speckled with blood and sweat for the path of Heaven, is now witnessing the fruits of victory.

In over 180 nations, Ambassadors for Peace who have inherited Heaven’s will are working hard to proclaim true love and true families. In the Middle East, one of the world’s tinderboxes, Jews, Christians and Muslims have found the resources in my philosophy to engage in a new dimension of peace dialogue. My Thought played a decisive role in bringing an end to the Cold War. Efforts to bring about the unification of my homeland, Korea, is being carried out under my leadership. I have come as the True Parent with God’s anointing, and I am determined to keep my promise to Him, to build His Kingdom.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to declare a truly historic and revolutionary project today, for the peace and prosperity of humankind. This project is to build a bridge over, or a tunnel under the Bering Strait, where Satan has historically divided east and west, and north and south. This will be connected to a future International Highway System making the world a single community. It will help to tear down the walls of race, culture, religion, and nationality created by humans, and establish the world of peace, God’s long cherished desire. The United States and Russia must become as one along with European nations, China, India, Japan, Brazil, and all other countries, and indeed all of the world’s religion. Together they must combine their energies to succeed in this project. The success of this project will play a decisive role in establishing a Peace Kingdom where there is no need for war or division.

Ladies and gentlemen, some may question how such a huge project can be completed. But, where there is the will of God, there is a way. The science and technology of the 21st century has advanced to a level where boring a tunnel under the Bering Strait is not a problem.

I would like to declare a truly historic and revolutionary project today

The construction cost is also not a problem. For example, do you know how much money the United States poured into the war in Iraq during the past three years? The figure is going to reach 200 billion dollars soon. That is more than enough to complete the Bering Strait project.

The Choice Before Us
Why do not only the United States, but so many in the world continue the foolishness and barbarism of war, poring endless money into the project of killing one another? Humankind should stop repeating the perversity of sacrificing our children lives, squandering astronomical amounts of money for the sake of war. The time has come for all the countries of the world to pool their resources and dash forward toward the world of peace that is the desire of God, who is the master of this great universe.

Humanity has entered a dead-end street, and the only way for it to survive is to uphold the peace philosophy of true love, true life and true lineage taught by Reverend Moon. When your good ancestors are mobilized and the heavenly forces of the Age After the Coming of Heaven sweep down upon the earth, even countries and peoples that appear strong will have no choice but to surrender.

The choice is now before you. There can be no perfection in ignorance. This message that I convey to you is both a warning and a blessing from Heaven. Will you join in step with me as I rise and gain victory in accordance with heavenly fortune? Will you become principal actors in establishing true families, true societies, true nations, and a true world? Or, will you remain captive behind the same old walls that Satan likes – the walls of your religion, your culture, your nationality, and your race – and spend the remainder of your lives in agony and regret? Heaven is summoning brave leaders who will turn this world of evil upside down and establish a new Heaven and a new earth.

Today, I have delivered Heaven’s message. Please inscribe it deep in your hearts and remember that the Holy Marriage Blessing received through the True Parents has the unifying value of bringing together the virtues of Heaven and earth. Please use this information to set new coordinated for your lives so that you may become wise leaders.

Let me end by asking you to pledge that you will become brave leaders who will maintain the heavenly way that has become the tradition of the Era After the Coming of Heaven and who will lead the world and mankind.