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Vol. 4 --- Issue 8/9 -------- [Online Version] -------- August/September 2005
This Issue:[Jesus and His Mission: Rev. Moon Speaks][*World Culture and Sports Festival][*Purposeful Design or Chance Evolution][*Divine Principle][The Holy Spirit at the Second Coming][*God's Ideal Family][*Life in the Spirit World: Judas][*"Family is Forever" Corner][*Que & Ans Cartoon][*Bible Questions]

100-City World Speaking Tour
Rev. Moon (now 86) has recently completed a 12-City U.S.A. speaking tour, and is currently conducting it in 100 Cities worldwide. His theme: Now is God's time! "God's Ideal Family:- The Model for World Peace"

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Jesus and His Mission: Rev. Moon Speaks

Jesus said: “The Father will send you another Comforter, ….when he comes, he will reveal all truths...judge the world of sin and establish righteousness. He will bear witness to me....” (Jn.14:26; 15:26b; 16:13-14). It is in the above capacity that Rev. Moon has come. The following are some of Rev. Moon’s words concerning Jesus and his (Jesus) mission: “Jesus was born from a unique victorious blood lineage, (this is why) he could be the only begotten son, beloved by God. If you do not believe in Jesus, you cannot go back to God.

“If Jesus’ family had fully supported him, and especially, if John the Baptist had followed him, then Judaism would have united with him. Had these things happened, influencing Rome would not have been a problem. “Jesus was the supreme form of giving-a paragon of love. He is the absolute standard for all mankind. He is the one man who lived God’s ideal to the fullest. He was the first man of perfection to ever walked the earth. Jesus is a man in whom God is incarnated. But he is not God Himself. As 1Tim.2:5 says: ‘..he is a man, mediating between God and man.’

“If Jesus had not been crucified, he would have united the entire Arab territory with Israel, creating one united Kingdom of God in his own time. Jesus would have fulfilled God’s ideal of king of kings, not just symbolically, but also on the physical level. God’s plan was that Jesus unify the nation of Israel, then absorb the Arab world, then India and China. The Roman empire on the European continent would then be absorbed by Jesus’ great kingdom.”

(God’s Will and the World, HSA-UWC, 1985).

The Second Coming is upon us!

We are living in the time of the Second Coming! This statement may be a surprise to many because the consensus weights heavily on the fact that we are in “the last days”, presumably, the time when Christ is preparing to come to earth. More accurately, however, the last days are the time when the returning Lord is on the earth (Lk.17:26,30) putting an end to the evil history of mankind and commencing the history of goodness– the “Kingdom of God on earth.”

What reasons justify this conclusion, that the Lord of the Second Advent {Son of Man, according to Jesus (18:8)}is on the earth? Please consider the following points:

1) The Gospel of Jesus has already been preached in all the nations of the world through the "World Christian Missionary Movement."
2) Israel, as a sovereign nation, has already been re-established, since 1948.
3) The great World Wars (I, II and Cold War) have already been concluded.
4) Great natural catastrophies are climaxing in our time.
5) The Kingdom of God and the messiahship of the returning Lord is being proclaimed by the True Parents (Rev. and Mrs. Moon). Their central message: citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven is achieved through participation in The Holy Marriage Blessing and the realization of true God-centered families. That is, everyone must restore the original ideal of God; fulfillment of the original three great blessings (Gen. 1:28).

"Purposeful Design" or Chance Evolution?

(Part II)

To reconcile evolutionism and creationism is a mountainous challenge. Both sides are hampered by strong prejudices, major constraints, resentment toward the other, and fear. Evolutionists feel an innate claim to the naturalistic dimension of life, and creationists feel that God’s creative acts have been hijacked via deceptive maneuverings by atheists. Both sides are unwilling to give.

Is there a third position which is able to bridge this impenetrable barrier? Unification Principle offers hope.

Beginning in 1972, Rev. Moon founded the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), an interdisciplinary body attracting eminent scientists, Nobel laureates and scholars throughout the world. The overall purpose of ICUS was to launch the quest for absolute values as it pertains to the peace and happiness of humankind. He acknowledged the great divide existing between science and religion, and offered a novel approach for reconciliation and unification.

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Divine Principle

The Divine Principle is God’s message of the Completed Testament age (Second Coming and new millennium) revealed through Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Jn. 16:13,25; Rev.10:10,11). Excerpts are cited from the Exposition of Divine Principle, HSA-UWC, 1996—English translation of the original Korean text. (Continued from previous issue)

John the Baptist Cont'd
Due to the disunity between John and Jesus, and the eventual murder of John, by King Herod, Jesus had to take on John’s role to prepare his own way. With no one to prepare his way and announce him as the Messiah, he told his disciples “not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.” (Matt.16:20). As the Bible states; “From that time onwards he began to speak of his rejection and death.”(vs.21).

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