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Summit of World Leaders and International Young Leaders' Conference
Closing Ceremony

"The Owners of Re-Creation"

Founder's Address

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon

Founder, IIFWP
The Little Angels Performing Arts Center
August 15, 2003 - Seoul, Korea

Respected present and former heads of state, leaders dedicated to accomplishing God’s ideal, youth and university student leaders, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like first to give thanks to God, who has left behind the darkness and melancholy of the past century to bless the new millennium with bountiful hope and dreams of peace. I have invited you to hold this conference in Korea. This is the only nation on Earth where the sharp conflict between democracy and communism continues even to the present. From an individual perspective, this is my own homeland, but, from the perspective of God’s providence, the Korean peninsula—though small in size—is the central country of the twenty-first century that must bring about peace for humankind.

I will speak today on the topic, “The Owners1 of Re-creation,” to help you understand God’s providence and to clarify our mission and responsibility in building a world of peace.

Respected guests, we live in the age of a great providential revolution. All nations and religions must now transcend past ways of living, and understand that, for very practical reasons, it is necessary to live in exact accordance with a new understanding of God’s providence. This applies not only in the earthly world but also in the world after death, the spirit world, where we all must go and live when we have shed our physical bodies.

The Ambassadors for Peace I have appointed throughout the world now number in the tens of thousands. Newly inaugurated Ambassadors for Peace sometimes ask, “How should we conduct our lives?” They have to live according to the established formula that the Unification Movement has followed in the course of its history. They should clearly understand the reality of the spiritual world and its direct connection with the earthly world. Awareness of this spiritual reality should naturally form the core guiding concept for their lives. They should have conviction to live in accordance with this awareness so as to become one with the spiritual world. They must develop confidence that this is the framework within which they are to live.

Over the decades, the contents of my sermons have not changed. To fulfill God’s will in the new world you must live according to these teachings. Whether or not you do so determines whether or not you can play a central role in the realization of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. Now that you know this, if you have lived a life based merely on vague concepts until now you must change and live a life that substantially embodies these ideas. Through such a lifestyle, you can unite Heaven, the spiritual world and the physical world. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world can only be realized if we reach beyond our individual lives and live for the nation.

We must understand that an owner of the Peaceful Universal Homeland2 is someone who establishes a new standard that enables people in nations around the world to transcend their current ways of thinking that have been based on traditional philosophies and concepts. An owner of the Peaceful Universal Homeland is someone who progresses to a new, higher dimension.

I was twenty-five or twenty-six when I launched the Unification Movement. Please understand that I founded this association based on the essential unification principles. Those who joined this movement at that time lived together with the True Parents and helped in the work to usher in a new world.

Due to the Fall, humanity completely lost the world God originally created, and even lost God Himself. In doing the work of re-creation, therefore, I have been responsible to create again the position that Adam would have occupied had he not fallen, that is, to work to rebuild the world God created but lost at the time of the Fall. I have to liberate God from being a God of grief so that He can become a God of happiness.

On the foundation of the Unification Church, I established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), and, later, offered God the “Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God” and “The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the True Love, Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth.” Since the Fall, God has been unable to involve Himself in the created world, and yet now, through the indemnity offered by True Parents, He must completely restore it.

We need to understand that God is neither the “owner of re-creation” nor the owner who pays indemnity for the Fall. These were actually Adam’s responsibilities. So everything must be placed in its proper order within the time of Adam’s generation. Otherwise, there will be no way for God to stand in His original position. For this reason, although He is omniscient and omnipotent, God has worked hard through the long course of history without true sovereignty over the creation. We need to know this deeply lamentable fact.

God’s Kingdom and the realm of living with God in daily life expanded through the time periods aligned with the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. I hope each of you realize that you have to become a liberated person who can travel freely between the spirit world and the earthly world and become a person who can serve God. The mission of the perfected Adam will not be fulfilled until God’s Kingdom, beginning with His palace, is created and dedicated to Heaven.

The saints and sages now in the spiritual world are not yet living in glory. But with that goal in mind, they have been working continuously to achieve perfection. Please be sure that they will continue their efforts until they achieve the true love ideal, that is, the unified realm of the liberated earthly and spiritual worlds.

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to know that, if you are unable to complete this mission while on earth, you will find that, when you arrive in the world after death, you will need to go through a long training process to surmount all obstacles and fulfill whatever steps you could not complete.

We must understand that the time we have on earth offers an opportunity more precious than anything else in the universe. Please be aware that the work we do now is for the sake of inheriting and developing a path that is more precious than our own nation, more precious than the world we now live in, and more precious than our own love or life. The lives we lead from here on have indescribable value.

It is important to understand that it is not God’s responsibility to bring about His own liberation. It is our responsibility. If this were God’s responsibility, He would not have allowed Adam and Eve to fall. The staggering fact is that responsibility for the Fall lies with the family of Adam. Not a single person in history has fully understood this point. The phrase “owner of re-creation” does not refer to God but to your families. This is the reason our families are so important. The foundation of the Peaceful Universal Homeland, the world of God’s original ideal, is the family.

Please understand that when I founded this movement at the age of twenty-five, I did so with full knowledge of all these facts. You must therefore make a new beginning from that same original position.

Respected guests, do you know the main point of the speech I delivered at the ceremony marking the founding of the Family Party, 3 an educational movement to promote good governance? It concerned the registration of marriages and births. Here I refer not to my own marriage registration, but to God’s marriage registration and God’s birth registration. God was unable to hold a wedding ceremony together with Adam. He could not have a celebration of marriage. God, the owner of the creation of the cosmos, was unable to experience, together with Adam, the registration of a child’s birth. Why was this? It was because Adam had fallen.

Had there been no Fall, God’s love would have blossomed at the time of Adam and Eve’s blessed marriage. Due to the Fall, that dimension of God’s love went unfulfilled. This is the reason that the True Parents must liberate God on the foundation of having offered to God the “Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God.” God originally had complete autonomy and could do as He pleased with anything created in heaven or on earth, whether small or large. However, because of the Fall, He could not even take the initial steps as the owner of the Peaceful Universal Homeland. He could not assert Himself freely. We must understand this deeply regrettable reality.

It was the family of Adam and Eve that damaged the realm of freedom and re-creation that was originally to have liberated God. Therefore, only if the perfected family of Adam and Eve restores God’s authority of re-creation as it was in the original, unfallen world, can the universe at once be made anew. So if from this moment you resolve with deep conviction to renew your family in accordance with the direction of God’s will, then all will go well for you.

Why do we need religions? They came into existence due to the Fall which led to pain and grief. But the need for them will pass. You should know that Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents, are working directly to liberate God so that He can live in His palace, and restore everything in the spiritual and earthly spheres to the domain of the kingship of Heaven.

If you understand these things, you should celebrate this day as a new beginning and become sons and daughters of God who have the strong conviction to fulfill your responsibilities with confidence. All that would then remain would be to raise a family with God at its center. You should also resolve to stand with the political party that is on Heaven’s side and go and set straight the countries that until now have been associated with parties on Satan’s side that have persecuted religions and thus brought grief to Heaven.

You must become owners who build the original homeland and hometown where you would like to live. You must become people who give true love to all of nature. All things, even plants and animals, must be re-created. Because of the Fall, they were cut off from true love. The sphere of true love only existed until Adam and Eve reached age sixteen, their age at the time of the Fall. After their Fall, this realm was rent asunder. We must now take responsibility as though it were our mistake, committed by our own hands, that led the entire world to ruin. A blessed family that resolves to take responsibility to restore this will be an owner of the Peaceful Universal Homeland.

Please realize that all humanity today stands in the position of having been born simultaneously into the realms of heaven and hell, or, one might say, the spiritual and earthly realms. But these two realms are now like brothers in one family. Therefore, you have to experience the heart of being in the kind of a family where the older and younger brothers are equally loved by their parents. Otherwise, when you go to spirit world, you will not be able to live as a perfected family qualified for the royal palace. Instead, you will wander around in circles for thousands, even tens of thousands of years.

As the ancestors of coming generations you must dedicate yourselves sincerely to initiating a pure lineage that preserves the proper order of love. You have a responsibility to your family that you must fulfill before you die, even if it means that you give your life hundreds of times. You must travel this path with a spirit that is constantly of one devoted heart, body, and mindset.

God Himself has been so serious, and I myself, who founded the Family Federation, have been deeply serious to establish a clear family tradition of purity and fidelity. So, like it or not, you must also do your best to run down this path with all your strength in order to achieve the goal.

A new age of heavenly understanding is coming. The age has arrived when nations can be established based on the families that have received God’s Holy Marriage Blessing. So you need to set everything straight and be on full alert. You must become families that produce unblemished princes and princesses fully qualified to accomplish God’s ideal of Creation. You need to know very clearly that our overall purpose is to inherit the foundation of such a victory, to live in attendance to God, and return to one nation, one culture, and one world—one realm that is an expansion of one brotherhood and one family—in eternal peace on earth and in heaven.

How wonderful it is that an organization such as the Family Party has emerged! Had Jesus completed the providence of restoration through indemnity, then married and raised a family, he could have also established a foundation for the Holy Marriage Blessing that would have brought the people of Israel into Heaven’s realm. He could have gone on to give the Holy Marriage Blessing in Rome. Then the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven would have been realized by the time he was in his forties.

Israel and Palestine are fighting each other today because of Jesus’ death. Brothers are unable to become one in heart. At the time of Jesus, one religion, one culture, one nation, and one realm of heart should have emerged. When that did not happen, Islam, Judaism and Christianity came to exist separately. Please understand how much heartache this has given to God.

Currently, in America, there is a movement among the churches to take down their crosses, but it’s still a fledgling one. Jesus came as the True Parent of humanity but he was killed. Even if all of humankind were destroyed, they could never be worthy of forgiveness for the sin of killing the True Parent. The suffering of Israel over the past two thousand years, however dreadful and appalling, could not pay the price of forgiveness for the death of Jesus. It could not be forgiven even if the suffering were tens of times greater. There is actually no way for Israel or any nation to pay for the sin of killing the True Parent. Because humanity was still under a burden of sin for having killed the True Parent, God could not intervene even when Hitler committed genocide against the Jewish people. We must all learn the lesson of how valuable True Parents are, because we are in a similar period of history today.

We have arrived at a time when Judaism, Islam, and Christianity around the world must come together centering on the Unification principles. Restoration through indemnity is accomplished through parallel historical periods.4 The present age is parallel to the age of Jesus, although on the cosmic rather than the worldwide level.

For this reason, the returning Lord must be the Messiah and Savior. The Savior must transform this world into the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven, and in that kingdom there can be no discord among religions. The purpose of the Second Coming is to fulfill what the first Messiah could not realize. Having returned, he must become a True Parent and establish a sphere of liberation in the earthly and spiritual worlds. We have not understood this reality, which is interwoven with the history of God’s providence.

Now that you know this, you also should practice these things and be able to reach the summit of the mountain to be in God’s holy presence and enter the liberated, ideal realm. You need to know that it is still your destiny to gain respect and praise from the highest souls of the heavenly kingdom, to register yourselves in the Peaceful Universal Homeland, which is the new global nation, and to enter that nation as new citizens. If you die and go to the spirit world without accomplishing this mission, you will find yourselves held back.

This is the reason that you need to sincerely dedicate yourselves to accomplishing all that is required of you while you are alive on earth. No one can take responsibility for your life, or for your part in the history of God’s providence, if you commit an error on the path. Even if you give up your five senses—or ten if we include the corresponding spiritual senses—hundreds of times over, it will not be adequate to atone for such an error. Could God be held responsible for that? No, He couldn’t. If He could take responsibility, He never would have allowed Adam and Eve to commit the Fall in the first place.

Who is the owner of re-creation? It is not God. It is you and your families. That is why we speak of our families as the owners of the Peaceful Universal Homeland. From the smallest animal created by God to the spirit world, and to the whole universe that is more than a hundred billion times larger than the solar system, everything is arranged in a pair system. This is the orderly existence of all things within the sphere of God’s love.

Satan introduced divisions into all of this by defiling the lineage. So the True Parents need to gather all things together for re-creation. You also are responsible to resolve God’s grief by loving the plants, the animals, and the land with God’s true love, and to resolve the grief caused by humanity’s failure to become true owners. That is the reason that a new view of life, the universe, and the cosmos has been established.

Originally, there would have been no need for the Family Party. What is needed is families that attend God as their parent. There have never been families like that, but, no matter what course of indemnity must be undergone, such families must appear now. The Family Party was established to educate everyone about how this can be accomplished.

You must go forward conscious of the fact that yours is a family of princes among princes, princesses among princesses, and a family of devoted children, patriots, saints and sons and daughters of God. We are pioneering the path that God would like to travel. Yet we are traveling down it in His place, as the offering.

Even if you were able to receive God’s love and remain in His heart for tens of thousands of years, you would shed tears of shame when you came face to face with God, who has suffered unimaginable grief throughout the ages. Even if you were to shed blood and sweat for God so that your entire being was on fire, this is the path that you must go as one family—despite feeling your limitations—in order to free yourselves from the burden of having failed to accomplish your responsibilities as princes and princesses on the quest to find God.

It was by our hands that what God created—His kingdom, including the heavenly palace—was destroyed, so we must re-create everything for God by our own effort. On that basis, families will bring forth children who are thousands of times more devoted, patriotic, and saintly sons and daughters of God than would have appeared if the Fall had never occurred. If this is achieved, could hell still exist? Such people will be the core of the royal palace of the heavenly kingdom, and God will be able to dwell anywhere on earth as if He were in His palace.

I have traveled a suffering course in the process of founding and leading the Unification movement, but I have not thought of any of my experiences as suffering. I can feel this way because I have arrived at a point in my heart where I can profoundly comprehend—through my experience—God’s deep, wide, and exalted blessing, and be grateful for this. Those who have not experienced such a state would not understand.

Even though God is the Creator and is almighty, in light of what I have accomplished, He feels He has nothing to be proud of. No one had been able to liberate God from the pain of the beginning of history and thus take the position of a son whom God could love. God’s position needs to be recovered. That is, He needs to regain the position of the Father so He can give and receive love with His children. Because the children committed the Fall and these things did not come about, history has been full of anguish. Without God’s marriage registration and birth registration, His kingdom cannot exist.

The lives of True Parents have also been a course of grief and pain. Their historic work has divine value: there will be wailing and lamentation day after day when the world comes to fully understand the significance of True Parents’ lives. People will weep in the same way the Jewish people repent in tears at the Wailing Wall. The sphere of liberation must be established in which all grief and pain is erased.

We have finally entered the age when God, having liberated all of heaven and earth, could hold a wedding ceremony. Because God has accomplished the registration of marriage, He could register the births of His sons and daughters. Since God has transcended the realm of the first Israel, the second Israel and the third Israel, He is able to return to His original position.

On the basis of the victory of the True Parents—the Parents of Heaven and Earth—you can now fully inherit the authority to register your marriages and births. I hope you have faith that when, through your own determination, you live this way and become citizens of the Peaceful Universal Homeland—living day and night with one devoted heart, body, mindset and harmony—you will surely become members of God’s royal family. We have here tonight leaders who signed the Jerusalem Declaration, the Washington Declaration, and, now, the Seoul Peace Declaration—representing the first, second and third Israel respectively. Participants in the Seoul Peace Declaration include youth leaders of the second generation who participated in the International Youth Leaders “Lasting Love” Conference held at Sun Moon University, and others who have been attending this IIFWP Summit of World Leaders. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you.

You are leaders of the first and second generations who can inherit the position of Heaven’s chosen people. I earnestly ask that you remember that you are here today at the site of the Seoul Declaration to join together in one heart and answer the call to the historic task of renewing the United Nations.

I offer gratitude to God for all these things, and pray that His abundant blessings be with each of you, your families, and your nations.

Thank you.

Inaugural Assembly Interreligious and International Peace Council

The New Elimination of Boundaries and world Peace

Founder’s Address
Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2003, New York City, U.S.A.

Respected guests, as humanity experienced many trials and wars, both large and small, over the past fifty years, it has relied on the United Nations as the only institution capable of resolving issues on a global scale. The world we live in today, however, has reached a point where the United Nations, as it currently exists, lacks the power to successfully deal with all the challenges it faces. We also know that the United States, though it may boast of being the world’s most powerful country, does not have the strength to solve the problems of the world. We must conclude that political, economic, and military might are by themselves inadequate to this task.

Today I would like to take this precious opportunity to speak on the topic “The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace” and convey to you Heaven’s message for this age. Truly, this is a joyful, historic, and providential declaration, being made before the hundreds of billions of people now living on earth and in the spiritual world.

On every level today, boundaries cause division and conflict. If we could eliminate all the boundaries in this world, a world of peace would inevitably come about. We must remember who owns the boundaries that exist in the world today. Clearly, it is not God. It was the Devil, Satan, who first created boundaries. Wherever a boundary exists, the Devil and his agents are around. This is a result of the human Fall, through which our first ancestors switched their lineage, causing evil to emerge alongside goodness.

Consider the East and the West: we see that boundaries between these cultural spheres have emerged and that the Devil is encamped there. It was Satan, not God, who created these boundaries, by digging all sorts of traps and enmeshing people in racial discrimination, evil cultural practices, evil traditions and an evil history. God’s desire is for a world of goodness and unity—a world of oneness in which all humanity lives as one great family. Could boundaries exist in such a world? In a world without boundaries, there can be no enemies. The word “enemy” implies the existence of boundaries.

When we love our enemies and become one in heart with them, the boundaries between us collapse. That is why God’s own strategy has always been to love His enemy. There can be no greater strategy than this. This crucial fact has escaped humankind’s understanding, both in past ages and in modern times.

Today, I tell you clearly that God’s strategy for our salvation is for us to love our enemy. You and the adherents of the Unification faith who have followed me until now are the representatives of history and of the current world. You now know Heaven’s remarkable secret. Now all you have to do is adopt this principle, practice it, and thus become true men and women. Do this, and you are sure to become key players in bringing about a world of peace.

Respected guests, when and where are boundaries formed? They form where our heart finds something to be disagreeable, where our body finds something to be disagreeable, or where we find our own actions or words to be disagreeable. When our five senses lead our mind and body into disharmony, boundaries of all sorts come into being. Please take a moment to consider all the different kinds of boundaries, large and small, that fill our lives.

If you set out to practice the maxims, “Don’t have enemies” and “Don’t create boundaries,” there may come a time when you will have to pluck out one of your own eyes. This is because it is possible to have two kinds of eyes. If one eye says, “Oh this is nice, and that is nice,” and likes everything it sees whether good and bad, then a huge boundary will form between that eye and the eye that sees everything as God does. The same is true with our hearing. On the one hand, we like listening to words of goodness and truth; while on the other, we also listen to the evil words of the world and conform ourselves to them. When we do this, we create boundaries in our ears.

When I established the Unification Church, I did not forbid members to listen to popular songs, even though many Christian churches forbade such music. The issue is not whether the music is a popular or classical piece, but whether the content of a particular song can be properly digested. Good and evil are not determined by the kind of song it is. The question is rather whether singing a particular song eliminates a boundary or creates a new one. If a person can build a bridge of true love that is pleasing to God, it does not matter what kind of song he sings, whether it is a popular song or even a song in some exotic language.

From this perspective, the fact that the boundaries found in your environment are the result of sensations received through your five senses, as well as everything that has been passed down to you through the ladder of historical tradition, means that it is not by your own choice that you find yourselves in Satan’s domain. In other words, if there were no boundaries in our lives, we could stand on God’s side. Please remember that Satan is a ruler who has used every means possible to create boundaries in our lives, and that God is the king who hates boundaries more than anything else.

As you know, the Korean peninsula, where I was born, is still divided between North and South near the 38th parallel. Those who like having this division along the 38th parallel are on Satan’s side, while those who offer their lives to fight for its elimination are the champions most pleasing to God. If all 70 million Koreans were determined not to leave this division in place, even at the cost of all their lives, the unification of the Korean peninsula would be accomplished automatically. This will not be an easy task.

Wherever such a “38th parallel” exists, Satan is the lord, and wherever a 38th parallel is eliminated, God becomes the lord. For this reason, the members of the Unification faith who follow me are engaged in a reform movement to digest and remove all of humanity’s 38th parallels, that is, to eliminate all boundaries.

When the day comes that people all over the world are eager for their sons and daughters to marry the children from present or former enemy countries in bridge-building “exchange marriages,”1 everything created under Heaven will automatically be unified as one.

Respected guests, this message from Heaven is my gift to you today. Let me remind you again: Wherever there is a boundary you will find Satan’s kinfolk living; wherever people live in harmony and peace without a 38th parallel, there you are certain to find God’s kinfolk—true people of goodness who have inherited God’s lineage.

Respected guests, I am now very interested in developing the leisure industry. There are places around the world where millions of people would like to pursue leisure activities and even go to live. Whether they are near an international border or in a desert, such places should become peaceful areas that all humanity has common access to. They should be administered through a new international and interreligious organization on a par with the United Nations. To accomplish this global task, I have already proposed to everyone who follows me that we collect a Total Living Offering Fund, to be placed under the newly created Interreligious and International Peace Council.

During the Old Testament era, animals symbolizing all of creation were sacrificed as substitutes for human beings. We read in the Bible2 that animals, representing all creation, were cut into two parts and their blood was drained. The left half represented Satan’s side, and the right half stood for Heaven. This procedure symbolizes how the struggle over ownership has been carried out. When Jesus, God’s only-begotten and first-born son, came to earth and shed his blood on the cross, he too was divided into two, in that his physical body was claimed by Satan, while his spirit returned to God. This separation of his spirit and body came about due to humanity’s disbelief.

After his ascension, Jesus said he would come again because he must once again assume bodily form. The tragedy is that because the spirit and body of Jesus, God’s only-begotten son, were separated, the spiritual world and the physical world remained divided. Jesus came for the purpose of healing the divisions between men and women, and between mind and body, which have been divided against each other. For the purpose of reunifying them he claimed the right of ownership in the spiritual realm, but he must come again to earth to claim ownership of the earthly realm as well, thus to unite the two realms together. What will he do when he comes? He will marry in a way that establishes the inheritance of the true lineage, and thereby create a true family.

Satan, who had seized the physical body of Jesus, God’s first-born son, continued to hold possession of the earthly world, while God held the heavenly world. After going to the spiritual world, Jesus spent two thousands years preparing the path. He has been working in the spiritual world to bring the minds of everyone there to focus in one direction, and he has worked on earth to establish the Christian faith. Christianity, however, became divided between Catholicism and Protestantism. They became adversaries, fighting each other like the brothers Cain and Abel up to the present day. The model of Cain and Abel shows how conflict has been one aspect of history’s development. The first-born, in the position of Cain, has tended toward the side of Satan, while the second-born, in the position of Abel, has tended toward the side of Heaven. In the midst of this, people increasingly adopted ideas and concepts that resulted in the creation of boundaries. We must free everyone from all these.

The Lord who comes again will establish a unified Kingdom of Heaven. He will establish a unified country on earth that fulfills the ideal of the biblical nation of Israel. He will establish a new model of marriage that creates oneness for the first time between heaven and earth, and between man and woman, who have been fighting each other throughout the millennia. This marriage is what the Christian faith refers to as the “Marriage of the Lamb.”

Historically, the period immediately following the Second World War was an excellent opportunity to unite the spiritual world and the earthly world centered on Christianity. The Christian cultural sphere was in the ascendancy everywhere This was the best opportunity for Jesus to come again on the earth, together with the Holy Spirit. He could have stood as the victorious supreme leader of the unified Christian cultural sphere on earth. Then, with himself as the groom and the Holy Spirit as the bride, he could have initiated a new marriage that would have resolved the problems of humanity that stem from the struggle between mind and body and between man and woman. The chance was there, right after World War II, for everything in God’s creation to be elevated into the heavenly kingdom of peace. This is not a vague or ambiguous notion.

Who was supposed to be the first couple to marry according to God’s ideal of creation? It was Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, Eve fell, and then Adam fell; and this resulted in humanity becoming ensnared by thousands, even tens of thousands, of boundaries. But when three things happen—the walls that originated with the Fall of Adam and Eve are torn down to level the land, man and woman are restored to the positions of Adam and Eve before the Fall, and they are married anew—God and our ancestors will feel happy. They will be dancing. The resulting world will be the Kingdom of God on earth.

Yet this has never happened in human history. People have remained slaves, entangled and oppressed within countless boundaries. They have lived their lives groaning in agony. If we could only find the answer to the question of how to abolish all boundaries, it would be the first step toward peace for humankind. Yet until this moment, humanity has lived in ignorance. Now, I have appeared on this earth in the capacity of a True Parent. This is the first time in history that this has been fulfilled. I am providing this answer, and giving the new Holy Marriage Blessing, in the presence of God, to all good men and women and for all to see. Although this world may be divided up by a million boundaries, they do not pose a problem for me; they can be eliminated easily.


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