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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Creating One Family Under God


Please join us at the Marriott Hotel (5th Street and E. Broad St., Downtown, Richmond).
Schedule: changeable. Please call for details.

Small group meetings receiving PowerPoint Presentations on sundry relevant topics on
the "Principle of Unification and Peace." We are tackling the profound questions of life through
a revelatory understanding of God's divine nature, original ideal and Principle of Creation.
Also, Video Presentation on Universal Peace Federation's (UPF) worldwide activities for lasting peace.

Please bring notepad. T-Miller's Restaurant/Starbucks snack is free for first time guests.

Join us! It's a great environment for healthy discussions on the essential matters of life.
Examples: God; spiritual and moral values; religion and science; marriage, sexuality and family;
racial, religious harmony; sharing of intercultural and international experiences; volunteerism; and more.

Become an Ambassador for Peace (AFP)!

Please call us at: 804-200-9159 for any further information.

Thank you!


****Contact us at: 804-200-9159



Common items on our Local General Programs: World Peace Video Presentations; Powerpoint Lecture Presentation; Roundtable Discussion;
AFP Certificate Presentation; Peace-Blessing Ceremony; Reports; Special Service Projects; and More.

*There will be a $10:00 membership registration fee for all new AFPs receiving an AFP Certificate

Please contact us at: 804-200-9159 if there are any questions, need of further details, directions, or other.

Yours for Lasting Peace,

Rev. F. George Russell,
UPF Richmond Coordinator.


Click Here: See UPF Videos (Click "Resources", then "Video library" - also, *more on "You Tube")

Universal Peace Home Speeches Sexuality AFP-USA Family Peace Festival 2009