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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

UPF Richmond at Autobiography Debut Banquet 2009
"As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen"

Creating One Family Under God
Ambassadors for Peace from the Richmond area participated in the Autobiography Debut Banquet of UPF founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The release of As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen was celebrated at the Sheraton National Hotel, in Arlington, Virginia, on October 1st. An audience of over 1500 leaders: religious, political, academic and others, gathered for the ocassion. After becoming a bestseller in Korea, Rev. Moon's homeland, his book is now ready to be launched in America, in English.


Rev. Moon is now ninety years old and has recently celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Their marriage has produced fourteen children, and of late, 43 grandchildren. In his book, he recounts the cherished moments of his youth and his calling by God to fulfill the greatest task ever; the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. He recalls how as a child, he learnt about peace: "I would often fall asleep in the hills after playing there....My father would come and hoist me on his back and carry me home. That feeling I had as he carried me down the hill - feeling completely secure and able to let my heart be completely at ease-that was peace. This is how I learnt about peace, while being carried on my father's back."


After being treated to a sumptuous banquet, the audience heard congratulatory remarks by several speakers and watched a video of his globe-spanning activities for world peace. He later gave a keynote speech titled: "Establishing the world of peace centered on the True Parents." Speaking on the Ambassadors for Peace, he said; "They (AFPs) and the 'Parent UN' must stand on the frontline of the efforts to completely eliminate the walls and fortifications that currently divide and bind the earth. They will work to reinstate harmony and peace between the nations."


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