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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

UPF Richmond and Virginia Institute for Peace, October 28th, 2009

Creating One Family Under God


Richmond Ambassadors For Peace joined with the Virginia Institute for Peace (VIP) to welcome Mr. Zaki Jailani, executive director of Friends of Peace and Development Organization (FPDO) in Khartoum, Sudan. Mr. Jailani spoke at the University of Richmond on October 28th. Bringing many in the audience to tears, he described the overwhelming crisis of 4.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) throughout Sudan. "This is the greatest number of IDPs in the world...," he said. Sudan is the largest country in Africa. It has a population of 40 million people. The massive crisis caused by its civil war that has brought tens of thousands of refugees to the Darfur area is well known to the world. Map of Sudan


Using a powerpoint presentation with captivating pictures of distraughted Sudanese trapped in inundated areas with little hope in sight, Mr. Jailani explains the heart-breaking and hellish nightmares of a people caught in tribal warfare, natural disasters and depression cause by lack of economic development in the country. FPDO has its main base in Khartoum and operates about ten others around Sudan. The organization provides "A-Z" services, which includes: hospitals, schools, refugee camps and removal of land mines.

Mr. Al Khalafalla, executive director of VIP in Richmond, emceed the program. He described the sacrifical and devoted efforts of his beloved wife, Wafa Hamid. She, under the most strenuous circumstances, is always beside her husband, giving her utmost to serve and comfort the refugees.


Although the solution to Sudan's problems is a long-term one, UPF Richmond feels that Mr. Jailani and his wife are most worthy due to their ardent and sincere commitment to peace. We deeply appreciated their efforts and were able to present a bouquet of flowers and appoint them as Ambassadors For Peace. We welcome them to the great network of thousands of AFPs around the world who collectively, are working for the same cause: "lasting world peace."


"Please join us locally and become an 'Ambassador For Peace.'" Contact AFP/UPF Richmond - (804)-200-9159; Email: geofavile@yahoo.com for any further information.

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