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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

UPF Richmond June 2010 Program

Creating One Family Under God

The march for peace is continuing in Richmond, Virginia. About 50 Ambassadors for peace with family members, friends and guests came to participate in the June 6th, UPF Richmond event venued at the Vietnam Garden Restaurant in West End, Richmond. The central theme of the program: "The Great Messianic Efforts for World Peace" lifted the hearts of everyone and inspired the hope that the historical dream of God and humankind for lasting peace was alive and well.


The beautiful ambiance of the Restaurant with its magnificient collection of paintings displayed around us, and the rich Vietnamese cuisine, all helped to enhance the atmosphere of lively give and take among the participants. Added to the program was a raffle drawing of $100 cash-prizes which were eagerly anticipated by everyone. Both prizes were later won by two teenagers of the Cambodian Buddhist Association of Richmond.


Special recognition was bestowed on Mr. Rodney Vaughan (1st Row, 3rd picture above), one of the first AFP Richmond members, for his heart of attendance and consistent service to the local outreach.

In the powerpoint presentation on the event's theme, Rev. Russell praised the historical contributions of Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and others who emerged as anointed champions seeking to liberate, enlighten and teach the way of peace, compassion and service to humankind. The overlapping similiarities in the content declared by the above founders were found to be astounding.


The many global outreach projects of UPF's founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, were also brought to the fore. Highlighted, were his international, intercultural marriage Blessings accentuating the high priority given to marriage and family, and symbolizing the unity of humankind as; "one family under God", and a vast array of programs for peace and unification.


A brief report was given on "Africa Day 2010" (please see www.upf.org for full report) which was co-sponsored by the African Union, the United Nations African Ambassadors Spouses' Group and Universal Peace Federation. The event was held in New York City's Manhattan Center. It had 600 participants and was graced by the keynote address given by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon.

At the close, Rev. Russell (UPF Richmond Coordinator) stated that: "Next, we will look forward to commemorating the annual (Sept. 21st) International Day of Peace (IDP) established by the United Nations." He requested that everyone prayed for a successful program.

*Special note: The powerpoint presentation on the program's theme: "The Great Messianic Efforts for World Peace" is available on request. Please email us at: geofavile@yahoo.com, if needed. There is no charge.


Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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