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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR) Meeting

on Religious Liberty in America, Sept. 16th, 2010

Creating One Family Under God

The lecture was given by H. Aubrey Ford III, Esq. of Cantor, Stoneburner, Ford, Grana & Bckner, on the topic: "Can the Constitution Maintain Political Community and Accommodate Expanding Religious Pluralism in the U.S.?"

The host venue was the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA. A lively and robust dialogue followed Mr. Aubrey's lecture. Participating, were about 150 people who represented close to twenty religious organizations. The diversity could be experienced at every table.


Based on the general report which came from each table at the end of the dialogue, it appeared that almost everyone was praising the greatness of the U.S. Constitution and its framers. They overcame immense difficulties in order to agree and formulate such a historical document which still offers hope to all faiths to practice freely and openly in this country. An accomplishment which can be said to be unmatched by other nations.


Praise was also given to the U.S. Supreme Court for its undaunting accomplishment in being able to adjudicate well in upholding the Constitution. And, in so doing, help to maintain national stability through the challenging centuries of this young nation.

Three of our UPF-Richmond Ambassadors for Peace were present at the event; Rev. F. George Russell and wife, Mrs. Chiyomi Russell, and Ms. Mable Williams, a nurse in the Richmond area. The program became the first of three events that fell around the period in which we were commemorating the United Nations International Day of Peace (IDP).


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