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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

International Day of Peace (IDP)/UPF-Richmond Program, 09/2010
Venue: Vietnam Garden Restaurant, Richmond, VA

Theme: "The World of Peace is at Hand"

Creating One Family Under God


(Above, 3rd right) Venerable Kim speaks on his refugee organization, Cambodian Buddhist Association activities in Richmond. He is presently assisting many Muslim refugees from Thailand to find sponsors in Richmond. Please contact us at: 804-200-9159 if you are able to help.


(Above) Rev. Russell speaks on the central theme of the program: "The World of Peace is at Hand." Giving an analysis of the root cause of the human problem, he showed how sexual immorality and violence became the two-headed monster of the historical haunt of humankind's history. The world wars (I and II) were highlighted as the wars of wars seeking to end all wars. The birth of the League of Nations after WWI, and the United Nations, after WWII, were viewed as the world's hope for lasting peace, but to no avail. The emmergence of totalitarian Communism that sought to destroy Western democracy, Capitalism and Christianity (and all religions per se)- which Marx and Engels categorized as the "opiate of the masses", was also examined.


[(Above) Guest speaker: Mr. Andy Wichorek, Co-leader of Ekoji Vipassana Buddhism, speaks on the central Buddhist principle of 'loving kindness' as the antidote to animosity, hatred and violence.]


He showed that an atheistic-materialistic totalitarian world power cannot bring true peace as it betrays the true aspirations of the human spirit and violates the fundamental principle of life and love.


"Marxist-Leninist Socialism and Communism advocated an ideal society living under the rubric of 'the just society', with "each living according to his/her ability, and each according to his/her means." This great utopian classless society came to nought when the reality of concentration camps, terror squads, police (KGB) saturated and controlled state was exposed to the world." He said.


[(Above, 2nd photo, 1st and 2nd persons) Winners of the $100 raffle - a Thai refugee, Mr. Pa, and Mr. Cliff Banks -AFP]

In conclusion, he showed that only a God-centered universal ideal and value system rooted in true love can bring lasting peace. The ideal of living as "One Family under God" was proclaimed as the ultimate goal for which we should all strive. "This," he said, "is Rev. Moon's gift to the world."



Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


Information will be coming soon.

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