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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

African Immigrants Fellowship for Peace and Reconciliation (AIFPR), 10/2010

"Peace and Reconciliation on the African Continent"

Creating "One Family Under God"

Africa was on the minds and hearts of many at the African Immigrants Fellowship for Peace and Reconciliation (AIFPR) meeting on Sunday, October 10, at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Ashland, VA. The organization brings together immigrants from the many African nations. Empathizing with many who bear emotional and physical wounds from major tribal and national conflicts, it seeks to serve them through: prayer, counselling, study of scriptures, and the practice of hospitality.


The organization's Coordinator is Rev. Humphrey Muraya from Kenya, he walks with humble strides and bears a big heart. One who comes close to him can feel his yearning for a peaceful African continent. His desire is to help comfort and serve those immigrants who are here, in the Richmond area, and establish the environment of togetherness that will empower many to assist those back in their respective homeland.


As its name implies, fostering peace and reconciliation is high on its agenda. Through a brief presentation of our UPF mission, we were able to inspire and give great hope to those in attendance. The universal vision of its founders: Rev. and Mrs. Moon, of "One Family Under God," was well received. Rev. Russell, UPF-Richmond Coordinator, pointedly emphasized that, "an organization for peace without God at its head and the practice of true love at its center will fizzle." He said that "Genuine world peace can only be realized through the reality of becoming 'one family under God'. It is the common thread and the unifying vision of all the world's religions. This is the ultimate embrace of God for the African continent and the world."


The investment of many African leaders as UPF Ambassadors for Peace (AFPs) and their many activities were cited. Also, the August 25th, 2010, "Africa Day" (held in New York City at the Manhattan Center), co-sponsored by the African Union, the Wives Association of African Ambassadors to the UN, and UPF, was lifted up as a good example of Africans in the diaspora coming together. The Secretary-General of the UN, Ban ki-Moon was the keynote speaker. He addressed the issue of "Peace and Security on the African Continent."

Please see "Africa Day" Report on UPF International site: www.upf.org (left column, towards bottom of page).

In closing, Rev. Russell extended a warm invitation to the AIFPR members to work together with UPF-Richmond so that both organizations can achieve their goals.

AIFPR in Richmond has a great future ahead of it. It has a full agenda and looks forward to breaking new grounds in fulfilling its mission to an ever-increasing African immigrant local community.


Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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