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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

UPF World Assembly 2010, November 22
Venue: New York City, NY

Theme: "The Era of Universal Peace: God's Providence and the 'ABEL UN'"

Creating One Family Under God

Ambassadors for Peace representing 193 nations gathered in New York City to celebrate the declaration of "The Era of Universal Peace: God's Providence and the Abel UN". Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founder of UPF International, gave his founder's address to the august body (World Assembly 2010) explaining that the unifying ideal of "One Family Under God" is the main and central thrust of the providence of God for the completion of His original purpose on earth.


*(Above, left) Richmond AFPs with former senator, Dr. Khieu San (2nd from left) of the Cambodian Government.
*Please click the following link to read the UPF International report and see Powerpoint (at right, top) on the World Assembly 2010:
Read UPF International Report

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*(Above, left) Richmond AFPs participate in the International Leadership Conference (ALC), morning and afternoon session. UPF International leaders gave presentations on their activities around the world, and lecturers presented UPF principles for the advancement of world peace.
*(Above, right) Full gathering of 193 nations. UPF-Richmond, Mr. Paul Gathambo represented his native homeland, Kenya.


*(Above, center) Richmond AFPs with the Empire State Building in background.


*(Above, right) Richmond AFPs visit the Madison Square Garden.

World Assembly 2010, which will also be held in Las Vegas and Seoul, Korea, is helping to lay the substantial foundation for what Rev. Moon calls, the "Abel UN". The "Abel UN" will take the leading role in helping to fulfill God's cherished dream on earth. It will also work hand-in-hand with the existing UN to accomplish its stated purpose.


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