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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

African Immigrants Fellowship for Peace and Reconciliation (AIFPR) Anniverary 2010
December 12, Richmond, VA

Creating One Family Under God

Members of AIFPR and leaders of several other organizations met at the Trinity Presbyterian Church on Wilkinson Rd., Richmond, VA to celebrate their (AIFPR) first anniversary. Representatives of 12 African nations, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, and the U.S., gathered to share in the spirit of goodwill of AIFPR as it prepares itself to continue along its path to enhance peace and reconciliation among African immigrants here, in the Richmond area.


*(Above, center-right) Ms. Mable Williams and Mr. Paul Tchouke, Ambassadors for Peace UPF-Richmond, VA.

Leaders of the African Community Network (ACN), Richmond Multicultural Festival Inc., My Goddess Magazine, and Universal Peace Federation-Richmond were present to contribute their well-wishes and bestow blessings on AIFPR. The event coincided with the anniversary of the Independence Day of Kenya (Dec.12, 1963). Mr. Charles Thuku, Activities Director of AIFPR and MC of the program, gave a brief synopsis of Kenya's history in its quest for liberation from past British colonialism. Today, after 47 years of independence, Kenya stands as a proud country joining equally with the world's body of nations.


*(Above, left-center) Rev. Zolton Phillips giving invocation. (Center) Mrs. Thuku sings. --- (Right) Ms. Love Weah, Director of My Goddess Magazine

The spirit of the program was joyful and optimistic. Rev. Justice Okopu, a Pentecostal minister, gave a brazen critique of many African leaders: "Many are morally and spiritually poor - lacking forgiveness and are selfish. They need the Gospel of the Good News." he said. He then encouraged all the Africans present to "Become strong in America and take the power back home."


* (Above, left) Rev. Justice Okopu. ---------- (Right) Rev. Humphrey Muraya

Rev. Humphrey Muraya, Coordinator of AIFPR, and a newly appointed Ambassador for Peace (AFP), gave a progress report touching on the past, present and future of his organization. He expressed the hope that AIFPR will work with others to accomplish their difficult objectives. He alerted everyone to the point that, "What we do for ourselves will die with us, but what we do for others will remain forever."


*(Above, center) Members of AIFPR executive committee. (Right) UPF-Richmond AFPs with Rev. David Yeuell (on left), retired pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, president of AIFPR.

Toward the conclusion of the program, Rev. Russell, UPF-Richmond Coordinator, blessed everyone by distributing Christmas Cards with the greetings of "peace and goodwill". He reminded all present that the coming of Jesus was to realize the peace of God for all mankind.

Rev. Zolton Phillips, Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian, the host church, gave both the invocation and benediction.

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