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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

UPF-Richmond, January 30, 2011
Sino-American Cafe, Richmond, VA

Creating One Family Under God

Ambassadors for Peace gathered to ring in the second year (2011) of the special three-year course; 2010 - (January 13th) 2013, which Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of UPF, proclaimed as "Foundation Day" for lasting peace in God's providence. The second year began on February 3rd (Lunar calendar New Year), 2011, which is declared by Rev. Moon as "True God's Day" (*Note: "True God's Day" was established by Rev. and Mrs. Moon beginning in 1968, January 1st; and subsequently celebrated on each New Year). The co-birthday (Feb.8th) of Rev. and Mrs. Moon was also recognized as a part of the pre-celebration event.


The central theme of the program: "Advancing the Great Cause of Peace" created an environment enriched with peace-talk and peace-making. UPF International highlights of 2010 were shown and the new video: "Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation" brought to light the new hope for peace springing up around the world. The participants were a good mix of Asians, Africans, Americans and West Indians. An interfaith setting of Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Unificationists was also apparent.


Rev. Randy Francis, Chairman of UPF-USA, Mid-Atlantic Region, presented in graphic Power Point the plight of many Unificationist members, some AFPs, who are being severely persecuted in Japan. Among the many kidnappings, there have also been killings, rapes and torture. He imparted optimism to everyone by reporting on the progress being made of exposing the crimes to the U.S. Government leaders on Capitol Hill, D.C. The hope is that pressure will be brought to bear on the Japanese Government to take action against such atrocities.


With the heart and spirit of being "One Family Under God", UPF-Richmond welcomed seven new Ambassadors for Peace, most were leaders of non-profit organizations here, in Richmond. The Peace-Blessing Toast, a signature ceremony for the Blessing of Marriage and Family by UPF founders, was joyfully received by all present. A renewed spirit ebullient with heartful zeal seemed to have enraptured everyone as we prepared to move forward into 2011.


(Above, center and right) Rev. Randy Francis presents "Human Rights Violations of Unificationists in Japan"

The new hope, expressed by Rev. Russell, UPF-Richmond Coordinator, is that with God's blessing, the hundreds of thousands of Ambassadors for Peace, from all facets of life; transcending race, religion, culture, and nationality, will become the stable foundation for a culture of peace which will emerge in our world.


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