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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Goddess Defined Magazine, February 19th, 2011
Richmond, VA

Creating One Family Under God

Goddess Defined magazine promotes the beauty of African women specially expressed in their traditional garb, in an African-type setting. As is stated on its website: Click here "It is an exceptional blend of inspirational, invigorating and top-notch journalism that aims to unify African and Afro American women and to inspire them to discover beauty within themselves."

Ms. Love Weah, born of African parents, (first row, below; 3rd picture, on right) is the founder and publisher of the magazine. She is an Ambassador For Peace applicant who has discovered that UPF's 'African Peace Initiative' is a great work which is long overdue.


Ms. Weah used her "Let's Socialize" event to debut her magazine to the public and to establish a social environment in which the serious issues facing the African continent could be discussed. UPF Coordinator, Rev. Russell, gave an interview addressing UPF's vision for helping the African nations. Essentially, he reflected on Africa's past history of colonization and hardship, but focused on the great potential of the African people and the incredible rich natural resources of this vast and beautiful area of the world.


He spoke of the bright future of Africa and the help that Africans need to bring their potential to fruition. "Corruption and abuse of power is entrenched in many of its governmental bodies. UPF is not only providing service and relief aids but also addressing the ethics of governance and leadership through its International Leadership Conferences (ILC). Africa's problems are enormous but can be solved so that the African nations can proudly stand together with the other nations of the world." he explained.


Other Ambassadors for Peace present at the program were: Mr. Paul Tchouke, founder of the African Warmth Corporation (AWC), Inc., and Ms. Mable Williams of Dominica, a local nurse. Mr. Tchouke, who is from Cameroon also addressed the gathering. He spoke of his annual African Multicultural Festival in Richmond which is usually set for the end of August. He encouraged all to attend. Members of the Liberian Association of Virginia (LAVA) and the African Immigrants Fellowship for Peace and Reconciliation (AIFPR) were also present. Ms. Elsie Okpu, Women's group leader of AIFPR, spoke energetically of the purposeful role of women in society. She strongly encouraged all women present to rise and be more active and responsible in leadership positions.


The video: "Introduction to Universal Peace Federation" was shown, some parts were highlighting UPF's work in Kenya and Sierra Leone. It stimulated much interest in the organization. Ms. Weah's charm coupled with her altruistic concerns for Africa provided a winning combination for her event.

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