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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Universal Peace Federation-Richmond
"Becoming a Peace-Loving Global Citizen," March 20th, 2011

Creating One Family Under God

What does it take to become a "Peace-Loving Global Citizen (PLGC)?" Is it: money, land, fame, knowledge, or, maybe power? Well, this was the topic of our March 20th UPF-Richmond meeting. It was held at the beautiful Mexico Restaurant on Forest Hill Avenue. There was no doubt that the food was good, really good. But, there was something much better.


It was, discovering what the founder of UPF, Rev. Moon, explained to be the secret of becoming a peace-loving global citizen. His central thoughts and deep experiences with God who revealed His secrets to him, are contained in his autobiography book (seen above). We encourage all our AFPs and contacts to obtain a copy and, without hesitation, to delve into it. It is a treasure-trove of great heavenly secrets that have the power to transform our world into one of peace on earth.


A powerpoint of some of his peace-loving ideas was presented. Although it was just a taste of what Heaven has in store for us, we could sense that the world was being prepared to enter into a new era, one where true and lasting peace would become a reality. One thing was for certain, the PLGC of whom the founder speaks is not one who embodies an armchair philosophy, but one who has overcome hunger, poverty, rejection, persecution, imprisonment, torture, and many life-threatening attempts. One who discovers the suffering God and an imprisoned humanity and decides to take responsibility to help liberate both.


Rev. Moon was quoted as saying: "A true global leader...embraces the world in his own bosom...thinks of the world's problems as his own...finds solutions to different problems. He is one who loves humanity as he loves his own family."

In a 'South-of-the-Border-Mexican-Setting' with expressive paintings all around, participants representing: Cambodia, Laos, Dominica, Thailand, Liberia, Jamaica, Burma, and the U.S., were of one heart and one love. At this program, we had the honor of receiving Mr. Cliff Banks (AFP 2007), a supervisor with Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc., and Ms. Mable William (AFP 2008), a local nurse. Both gave us a brief presentation on the company's vision and the services it provides for good health. They encouraged all of us to become more alert to our health needs which is an essential requirement in being able to actively work for peace.


Two new Ambassadors for Peace joined our ranks, one receiving the "Generation Peace" commission (previous regarded as 'Youth AFP'). The spirit of the founder's autobiography content was truly captivating, it added a special grace and blessing to our UPF signature "Peace-Blessing Toast" at the end.


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