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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR) Benefit Concert
April 28th, 2011

Creating One Family Under God

The Virginia Benefit Corale gave one of its most beautiful performances at the Second Baptist Church on River Road, April 28th. The 17 member Corale, led by Maestro Steve Davis, poured their hearts out as they sang songs from the sixteenth century to our modern times. A repertoire of songs like: Mon Coer, Praise the Name of the Lord, Danny Boy, All My Trials, Georgia on My Mind, and Battle of Jericho filled the Church's Sanctuary while caressing the hearts of everyone in attendance. The question: "What is Heaven like?" was answered and no more was needed to be said.


The Corale was performing to help raise funds for ICGR. After 50 years in existence, ICGR has only recently received its "501-c-(3)" tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Now, it can proudly stand to fundraise and conduct its financial affairs directly. UPF-Richmond's Ambassadors for Peace (pictures below) were present at the program to support, both morally and financially.


The event was a happy one for Ms. Sandy Willis, president, ICGR (bottom row, right picture, second from right). She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Under Ms. Willis' leadership, ICGR is taking an aggressive leap in placing the vision for interfaith unity in the forefront of the Richmond area community. UPF-Richmond is resolved to assist in this common endeavor because it is a shared vision deeply rooted in the hearts of UPF founders; Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and by all our AFPs.

Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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