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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

UPF-Richmond/UPF-Jamaica Program
"A Culture of Peace: Solution to Violence"
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; July 8, 2011

Creating One Family Under God


(Above)We flew from Washington, D.C., to Kingston, Jamaica. Four Ambassadors for Peace (AFPs) from Richmond and Washington, D.C.: Ven. Cang Kim; Rev. F. George Russell; Mr. Roderick Jennifer; and Mr. William Russell. Over 80 AFPs, family, friends and new contacts attended the UPF conference at the Stella Maris Catholic Church Hall, Kingston. The warm, hospitable smiles of Jamaicans welcomed us.


(Left) President of UPF-Jamaica, Mr. Dennis Salmon, welcomes participants. (2nd Photo, right) Dr. Poddard Sictaram and wife. Dr. Sictaram is Project Director of the Sir Howard Cooke Character Development Center (CDC). (Right Photo, right) Brother Horace Matthews, Lay Magistrate and Justice of the Peace, Kingston, emceed the program.


Leaders in the areas of politics, business, religion, culture and education; many of them active Ambassadors of Peace, attended.


Jamaican cuisine: buffet of Jerk Chicken, rice and beans, fried plaintains, tossed salad, and other delights were served.


(Left) Dr. Sictaram giving remarks. (2nd photo) Ms. Pat Gooden, a famous Jamaican vocalist, entertained us by rendering several Jamaican Folk and Calypso songs: Day-o, Linstead Market, Island in the Sun, and others. (3rd photo) Rev. F. George Russell giving powerpoint presentation on, "A Culture of Peace: Solution to Violence." He emphasized that in order to solve the problem of violence, the root cause must be dealt with. "Our challenge," he said, "is not to lessen violence, but to solve it from the root. ...Rev. Moon has brought this solution from God."
Sharing insights from Rev. Moon's thought, he explained that the solution lies in restoring the position of being true parents to our children and building families of true love: “Restored true parents and true families where love, unity and harmony dwell become the true basis for a culture of peace, which in turn, become the solution to violence.”


(Left) All stood in attention to sing the Jamaican national anthem: "Eternal Father Bless our Land." (Middle photo) Six new AFPs were appointed. (right end) Rev. Dr. Martin Schade, executive director, CDC; he gave invocation for the program. (Right photo) Venerable Cang Kim, Abbot of the Buddhist Monastery of Richmond, gave special greetings on behalf of all AFPs from Richmond.

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Door prizes were raffled. First prize: US$100 (JA$8,000); second and third prizes: mixed bag of gifts from the U.S. (Special thanks to all those who supported). Proceeds from the dinner went to support the Character Development Center. A contribution of US$400 (JA$32,000) was given to assist the work of UPF-Jamaica.

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