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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

UPF-Richmond/UPF-Jamaica Program
"A Culture of Peace: Solution to Violence"
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; July 8, 2011

Creating One Family Under God



(Above) Ackee and Breadfruit trees. The national fruit of Jamaica is the Ackee. It is cooked and eaten mainly with codfish (salted-fish). It is a special, unique delicacy on the menu of Jamaican cuisine. The Ackee tree is found mainly in Jamaica. The Breadfruit is a staple of the Jamaican diet. It is eaten cooked or roasted (when fully matured). Its taste is similar to potato. It has a sweet taste when roasted at the right stage. (Right photo) Mango is plentiful in Jamaica. There are many varieties that come in a wide range of sizes. The one above is among the largest.



There are many fabulous sightseeing spots throughout Jamaica: Botanical Gardens; the Blue Mountains; Green Grottos: Water Falls; River Rafting; White Sand beaches; Wild tropical plants; historical sites; Plantations; Corral reefs; and others. We only had time to see a few of them.



A Thank-You Note from the National Leader of Jamaica

Dear Rev. Russell,
Thank you and the other team members: Venerable Cang Kim, Mr. William Russell and Mr. Roderick Jennifer for the great contribution you made to the UPF effort in Jamaica.
I deeply appreciate the contributions made through sharing of knowledge and experience, financial contribution and advice you have provided. Your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process.
Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.
Best Regards,

Dennis Salmon,
National Director

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