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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

30th UN International Day of Peace
Family Peace Festival 2011
Byrd Park, Richmond; Sunday, September 25th

Creating One Family Under God


"Peace on the March" is alive and well in Richmond, VA. The 30th U.N. International Day of Peace (IDP), celebrated here as the "Family Peace Festival", is a growing success. This year, we had more than 60 organizations of sponsors, vendors and non-profit exhibitors participating, and about 1,200 people visiting during the 5-hour period of the event.

Prominent among the many organizations present were: The Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR), Amnesty International, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, City of Richmond (several departments), League of Women Voters, Falun Gong, VA Interfaith Center on Public Policy, and Universal Peace Federation.

IDP is commemorated annually to celebrate the propagation of peace around the world. All peace-loving bodies are encouraged to initiate activities that foster peace. Through these efforts, the global consciousness for peace can be heightened.

In this era of global uncertainties, peace-building efforts of breaking down borders and building bridges between races, cultures, religions, and nations, contribute hansomely to the advancement of world peace.


(Above, left) At our table, a Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Chinese student's family stopped by to appreciate the global activities of UPF. Bright smiles and a handshake symbolize peaceful relations between China and the U.S. (Next) Mr. Malik Khan (at table; left, front), president, ICGR, one of the main sponsors of the Family Peace Festival, shares light moments with other organizers of the event.(Right photos) Entertainers: Falun Gong, Interfaith Youth Performers, The Taters, Slam Richmond, Comedy Sportz Exhibition, and others delight audience with songs, dances and comedy.


(Above, left) A variety of games were provided for the kids, among them: hula hoops, giant earth ball and cooperative activities. This year, "Pinwheel for 'Whirled' Peace" was a big attraction. Several groups became involved in this fledging idea to 'plant' pinwheels. Naturally, this became a hit with the kids also.


(Above, left) Richmond local TV station, Channel 8 (WRIC - ABC affiliate)was on hand to capture some of the action, this was shown on the late night news.


(Above, right) UPF Ambassadors for Peace savor the moment of what peace would be like when the world becomes "One Family Under God."

We thank everyone for their participation and look forward, hopefully, to greater success next year.

Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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