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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

Creating One Family Under God


Ambassadors for Peace were also participants at the Muslim-Christian Relations Conference at the University of Richmond (UR), Virginia, March 20-21. This annual program is sponsored by the Office of the Chaplaincy at UR. It brings together scholars and other leaders of the two faiths to dialogue the significant differences and unite around the commonalities of the faiths. The keynote speakers for the March '09 program were: the Rev. Titus Presler, Th.D., General Theological Seminary; Muhammed Sahli, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University, and Fr. Sidney Griffith, Ph.D., Catholic University of America.


The event was well attended with over 50 prominent religious and other organizations' leaders from around the region. The program's format included scholarly presentations on śReconciliation: Its Centrality in Christian Vision and in Muslim-Christian Relations"; "The Common Word" ; and "Christian/Muslim Relations in Historical Perspective: Debate Only in the Way that is Best". It also included Q and A segments and workshop-type sessions to discuss the practical applications such as local initiatives on inter-faith relations, forgiveness, reconciliation and deeper spirituality; and efforts to implement cooperative service activities in communities throughout the Richmond area.


Ambassadors for Peace come from all corners of our world. Some are emerging from many 'hot spots' such as Iraq, Thailand and Burma. In our program of April 25th, 2009, we were able to appoint new AFPs from the above three countries. Above, we have an AFP who has risked her life to re-educate many extremists, helping them to adopt a more moderate stance toward others who differ from them on the bases of religion, politics and ideology.


AFPs on a whole, are helping to clear a path for others to walk through. It is to build "One Family under God". In these very challenging times, many have risked their lives to help others, while some have braved the open seas, eluded attacking soldiers and overcame punishing captivity in a determination to find freedom and a safe haven.


The power of the Universal Peace Federation principles is to bring enlightment, clarity and a clear sense of purpose to all. At the same time, these principles are able to open hearts, enhance reconciliation, and inspire the creation of truly being one family.


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