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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Introducing the UN "World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW)"
UPF-Richmond/Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond
February 8, 2012

Creating One Family Under God

In an UPF-Richmond initiated effort, a portion of the leadership of the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR) joined us to discuss the launching of prospective programs and activities to commemorate the annual "World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW)" established by the United Nations.

UPF International was one of the first Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to celebrate the WIHW observance worldwide in its first year - 2011. It did so in some 23 nations.


The initiative was well received by the ICGR leaders, headed by its president, Mr. Malik Khan (Islam). The president expressed deep appreciation to Rev. F. George Russell, Coordinator, UPF-Richmond, for conveying this vital information to his group which has at its heart, the welfare of "interfaith harmony" in the Richmond area.

In the discussion that ensued, it was suggested by Ms. Sharon Clayton (a Representative of the Mormon Church) that the effort be given a whole month observance instead of a week.

For this year, the already scheduled ICGR event: "Brotherhood/Sisterhood Youth Awards", set for February 23, will be committed to said observance. Further additions to the month of February, for subsequent years, such as "The Festival of Faiths" and possible others, will be set in place by the ICGR Board.


At the request of the ICGR president, the following brief was written by Rev. Russell for the ICGR monthly newletter:

World Interfaith Harmony Week
The General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations has, since October, 2010, designated the first week of February in every year as “World Interfaith Harmony Week.” The proposal was introduced in December, 2009, by H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan.

It was adopted on October 20, 2010 as a GA resolution: A/Res/65/5, and was first observed around the world in February, 2011. This year’s theme is: “Love of God and Love of Neighbor”/”Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor.”

In its effort to help foster peace and goodwill among all people the GA states that: “Mutual understanding and interreligious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace and establishes World Interfaith Harmony Week to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith.” (Source: United Nations website)


(Above, right) Representatives of the World's Religions gather at the Cheon Bok Gung (Unification Church Center) in Seoul, Korea, January 23rd, this year, to celebrate the UN "World Interfaith Harmony Week."

Please click the following link to see details on the ICGR: "Brotherhood/Sisterhood Youth Awards", this February 23rd. All are invited to attend.

Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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