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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Four Chaplains Clergy Breakfast-ICGR
March 12, 2012

Creating One Family Under God

The beautiful Roslyn Conference and Retreat Center off River Road in Richmond was again the venue for this year's Four Chaplains Clergy Breakfast sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR).


This time, we had the honor of hearing the keynote address from Rabbi Ben Romer, Congregation Or Ami, who himself, served in Iraq as a chaplain in the U.S. Army. He related the story of the Four Chaplains who, on their voyage to Iraq, after their ship was torpedoed, and many on board were destined to die, primarily due to the lack of life-jackets, gave theirs to four soldiers. In this life or death situation, they transcended their religious affiliation by sacrificing their lives so that the soldiers could live. He said: "They died with the sinking ship making the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives for others - irrespective of their faith affiliation."

In his concluding remarks he called upon all present to "live a life of taking off your vests to give to others."


Above, right, at podium (center of photo): Minister Joyce Fisher Pierce of The Unity Christ Church of Bon Air.

The ICGR Honoree for this year was Minister Joyce Pierce (above), now, 10 years being a pastor of the Unity Church. She was exemplary in reaching out to other faiths inviting them to co-participate with her ministry.


Above, center (left) Rev. Adrien Bayo (AFP 2005), pastor of the Unification Church in Richmond.

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