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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Sundry Events
Richmond, VA; June, 2012

Creating One Family Under God



(Above: 2nd Row, center & right) Members (including four Ambassadors for Peace and one applicant) of the African Community Network (ACN), Mr. Jean Bosco, president, gather to appraise the "Face and Voice of Africa" event. The program was held on June 02, at the VA Home for Boys and Girls in Richmond. In collaboration with the Global Outreach for Humanity, Help Africa in Sudan, and the support (financial and AFPs presence) of UPF and other organizations, the program was a great success. Through the event, funds were raised to move forward the establishment of an African Resource Center in Richmond.


(Above) UPF-Richmond welcomes Mrs. Rebecca Skinner and her husband, Carlos (from Peru). She is the current president of the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond (ICGR) of which UPF is highly supportive. With its 19 faiths membership body, ICGR is taking bold steps to promote common understanding, respect and cooperation amongst the many faiths in the Richmond area. Mrs. Skinner and her husband visited the UPF center to be more well-informed about UPF activities locally and globally. UPF's breakthrough and strong emphasis on interfaith harmony were of great interest to her. Both were delighted to participate in the UPF signature "Blessing and world peace toast ceremony." A commitment was also made to become Ambassadors for Peace.


(Above) American Clergy Leadership Conference(ACLC) presents the Original Substance of the Divine Principle (OSDP) at the Sino American Cafe in Richmond. 13 Ambassadors for Peace participated in the event to make it a success. We were very honored to have Rev. Levi Daugherty (ACLC national leadership) and Pastor Judy Lejune of NOVA ACLC joining us. Through OSDP, the Principles for lasting peace on earth are being declared to the world by the founder of UPF, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.


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