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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

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Richmond, VA; July-August, 2012
"Freedom Society Report" (Bottom of Page)

Creating One Family Under God


(Above) Regional, state and city UPF core leaders and others in District 1 (D.C., MD, VA, NC) attend UPF Mastermind Conference on July 14, at the Washington Times, Washington, D.C. The program was initiated by Mr. Jim Gavin, president of UPF-USA, in order to report, evaluate, and share best practices of the UPF program throughout the U.S. Mastermind Conferences are being held in each District (each comprises about 5 states) around the country. Our UPF-Richmond experience of recent developments in networking with other organizations have been requested as a part of each Mastermind Conference.


(Above) The Identity Group (IDG) had its kick-off meeting at the Belmont Public Library, Richmond, on Saturday, July 28. IDG is founded by Mr. William Russell (Right photo, second from right) as a project of UPF-Richmond, VA. Mr. Russell serves as the UPF-Richmond "GenPeace" Director of Youth Programs (Generation Peace). IDG purpose is to identify and discuss significant issues that are adversely affecting our nation and world and challenge participants (primarily the youth of our society) to search for effective solutions. Central issues related to the establishment of "The Freedom Society" (see below) will also become a focus for discussion. Further details and contact info can be obtained at: Identityva.com



(Above two rows, first photo in each row) Dr. Kook Jin Moon, fourth son of Rev. Moon, founder of Universal Peace Federation, visits Washington D.C., August 1st, on his 8-city speaking tour of the U.S. to promote the vision of the "Freedom Society." The event was held at the Washington Times building. "The Freedom Society," he explains, "is to be the substantial realization of the Kingdom of God on earth." In his PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Moon showed how the Fall of Adam and Eve and the resultant false domination of the Archangel, over them, resulted in the emmergence of dictatorial and tyrannical governing systems throughout history.

"Governments of nations," he said, "are to be in a position to serve the people, as the Archangel was created to serve Adam and Eve. However, historically, their abuse of position and power have consistenly showed a marked deviation from their original intent to that of becoming masters over the populace." He showed that the many promises of freedom and democracy to the masses often remain unfulfilled, and that internal corruption and an unsatiable appetite to become bigger and bigger, eventually predominate. Ultimately, they lapse into a state of seeking to control all aspects of the people's lives, as a result: despots, tyrants and dictators arise. This is a pattern that appears often in history.

"The solution," Dr. Moon explains, "is a society of very small government with the military, police, and education controlled by the people; and a society where altruism and philantrophy will replace selfishness/greed and governmental welfare system."

From the standpoint of the Freedom Society that God desires, people should live by conscience (and heart), one that is centered on God; and, the spirit of "living for the sake of others" should prevail. To actualize this concept, true families and tribes will be established where responsible parents and elders will replace judges, lawyers and prosecutors. The above elements of the Freedom Society are central to Rev. Moon's (Father Moon) vision of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. This is the mission, he said (in his world peace messages), he has received from God.

An integral and vital aspect of Dr.Moon's speaking tour is also to promote the idea of a "Strong Korea" and "Strong America", not only militarily, but also spiritually, economically, and socially. The exponential buildup of new armaments and encrouching expansion and influence of China (a communist regime adverse to the freedom of expression) around the world, and especially in South-East Asia, is cause for great concern (he provides convincing evidence). The security of the God-believing nations and the foundation (Freedom Society) that God is preparing to establish must be firm and well protected, he said.

Dr. Moon has already taken his message to prominent leaders in Korea, Japan, Europe, and again; to the U.S.


Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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