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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Sundry Meetings & Faith Club
Richmond, VA
September-October, 2012

Creating One Family Under God


(Above) We meet to plan events for 2012-2013. Some members of the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond's (ICGR) 'Programs Planning Committee' gather.


(Above) Together, we plan the upcoming program for the Family Peace Festival 2013, in Richmond. Last year's program in Byrd Park, Richmond, drew about 1000 visitors with 60 organizations participating. Leaders present were from: ICGR, Richmond Peace Education (RPEC) Center and UPF.


Above: Ongoing PowerPoint presentations are being given on the deeper Principles of Peace-building; The Divine Principle; our founder, Rev. Moon's teachings.


(Above) At the J. Sargeant Reynolds College (Parham) Campus, Richmond, our ICGR partner introduced the "Faith Club". It's a project that explores the various aspects of one's faith in a respectful and non-judgmental setting. Stereotypes are debunked, and one's faith's position on particular religious topics and issues can be discussed in frankness and openess. The Faith Club tackles topics such as: "Does God exist?; The Prophets in each Faith; Birth; Coming of Age; Marriage; Death; The uniqueness of each religion; etc.

Interfaith Cafe discussion groups were setup in order to encourage participants to freely share from their own perspective and experiences in their particular faith. As a part of the Membership Committee, I was able to present the Membership Outreach PowerPoint as an introduction to the ICGR interfaith organization.

Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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