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Ambassadors for Peace Richmond, Virginia

Divine Principle For Lasting Peace
June-July 2013
NOVA Unification Family Learning Center
and Marriott Hotel in Richmond, VA

Creating One Family Under God

Ambassadors for Peace meet for study of the deeper principles of peace-building. The Divine Principle (DP) teaching of UPF founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is bringing a bright light of truth to a world still shrouded in darkness, confusion and chaos.

The DP is lighting the way to a clear understanding of God's original purpose and plan for humankind and the universe; the origin and cause of evil in the world; the real mission of the coming of a messiah; the principles for world restoration and the realization of the Kingdom of a peaceful ideal world of God's true love.

The above content points to the hope of all the ages, the dream and expectation of the founders of the great religions; and the many reformers, teachers, and sages of history. Through the path of the Divine Principle a world of lasting peace of "One Family Under God" will be realized in this new millennium.

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(Above, right) Baptist theologian and Christian, Chinese businessman discuss with Rev. Russell the degree to which John the Baptist succeeded in supporting and attending Jesus in order to help bring peace to Israel.


(Above, left and center) Young Ambassadors for Peace (AFPs) diligently study the Divine Principle each week. (Right) A prominent business manager in Richmond celebrates her birthday while attending the Divine Principle Study Session.


AFPs fellowship with Northern VA Family Federation for World Peace and Unification members. (Right) Mr. William Russell conversing with Mrs. Olga Kennedy and Mr. Thomas McDevitt, Chairman of the Washington Times newspaper.


(Above) New AFP, Mr. Omer Kounga receives AFP Certificate at the Marriott Hotel. Mr. Kounga, a student at J. Sergeant Reynolds College, is the co-founder of the Identity Group, an organization which seeks to find solutions to the many troubling issues of our time.

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