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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

July 25, 2009 Meet

Creating One Family Under God


Ambassadors for Peace-Richmond event, July 25th, was another great step forward to reach the people of Richmond City and the surrounding Counties. Twenty two people gathered, not only for a great lunch at the Sino American ('All You Can Eat') Cafe, but for a great program as well. There were a few new faces present. We had participants from Cameroon, Jamaica, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and, of course; the United States. As much as there was an international flavor, there was also an interreligious atmosphere. Represented were: Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus.


We dedicated a special focus on two upcoming City-wide events: Richmond Multicultural Day 2009 (RMD2009), set for this August 29th (2009), at 4401 Forest Hill Avenue, and; the annual, Family Peace Festival, which will take place on Sunday, September 13th (2009), at the St. Joseph Villa at Parham and Brook Road. All are invited, both events are open to the public and are free of charge. Please contact AFP/UPF Richmond - (804)-200-9159; Email: geofavile@yahoo.com for any further information.

Mr. Paul Tchouke, a native of Cameroon (Ambassador for Peace 2007) and founder of Richmond Multicultural Day, spoke to the need of bringing the diverse cultures of the world together. He expressed that in coming together, we come to know each other, and in knowing each other; we are able to become closer.

"RMD 2009 is inviting everyone to enjoy music, dance, craft, cusine, and fashion from several countries around the world."


A description and pictures of last year's Family Peace Festival can be seen by clicking here: Family Peace Festival

We are looking forward to having a greater turnout from public participation this year, as compared to last year.

"Please join us!"

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