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Universal Peace Federation-Virginia

National Parents Day Event in Honor
of UPF's Founder's Memorial

July 14, 2015
Richmond, VA

Creating One Family Under God

At a gathering of about 50 participants from the Senior Center of Greater Richmond, at the St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Churchill, Richmond; UPF-VA conducted a program on the theme: "Becoming True Parents." This theme was chosen to grace the spirit of the annual National Parents Day which officially falls on the fourth Sunday of July (26th this year). The program was also slated to honor the commemoration of the third anniversary of late UPF's co-founder: Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon's ascension which falls on August 30th this year.


The seniors, many who are parents themselves, welcomed the occasion which was organized by UPF-VA Director of Outreach; Mr. Omer Kounga and the Director of the Senior Center, Ms. Elnora Allen. UPF founders: Rev. and Mrs. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon were well appreciated for their life's commitment to realizing a world of lasting peace: the hope of all ages, through creating true families. Video presentations were shown highlighting the efforts of UPF Ambassadors for Peace (AFPs) throughout the world.

After an hour of stimulating and rejuvenating yoga calisthenics, the seniors were ready to listen to a hope-lifting and enlightening presentation on a topic that they all felt was dear to their hearts.

In his presentation, Rev. F. George Russell, Secretary General, UPF-VA, laid out the core principles and values that have made UPF an on-going success throughout the world. The central points were: A universal parental God; essential spiritual and moral human nature; family as the house of love; and cooperation through 'living for the sake of others' transcending: race, religion, nationality, and culture.


On addressing the reality of God, the audience was alerted to the fact that, "There is no Christian; Muslim; Jewish; Hindu; or other God. There is only one true God who is Creator and Parent of humankind. The former were only denomination-centered views of God." All applauded in agreement. The original ideal of God for true parents and families, according to Dr. Moon's explanation, was laid out constructively: 'God intended the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, to perfect love as true son and daughter. They would then be blessed in holy marriage. Subsequently, they would become true parents and realize a true family.'

The separation between God and the first human ancestors, and God's efforts to restore human beings throughout history were also clearly delineated: 'The first ancestors had violated the standard of absolute morality, and in so doing, had destroyed the foundation for true parents and true family to emerge. Human history became the providence of God to restore all broken families.'


It was then explained that God had sent Rev. and Mrs. Moon to launch a great global "Marriage Blessing Movement" for the restoration of true families on earth. The Blessing Ceremony officiated by them is to be an official new beginning for newly weds and already married couples to start a life of becoming true parents and true families.

At the close, all were invited to become Ambassadors for Peace and dedicate themselves to becoming true parents in their families. There were several enthusiastic AFP applicants and a broad consensus on inviting us again to give another presentation.

Contact us for any details: 804-200-9159


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