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Universal Peace Federation-Virginia

Happy Families Create Happy Communities and World
Richmond Seniors Program

Peter Paul Development Center, Richmond
February 18, 2016

Creating One Family Under God

The keys to building happy families for happy communities, nation and world were given to about 30 participants at the Peter Paul Community Development Center in Churchill, Richmond. Universal principles and values of love, fidelity, trustworthiness, integrity, mutual respect, purity and selflessness were strongly emphasized.

A deep introspection into the original ideal of God's purpose for the human family was brought to light. Rev. F. George Russell, executive director of UPF-VA who gave the PowerPoint Presentation, explained that the above attributes of love were to have been perfected and modeled by the first human ancestors: Adam and Eve, in the first family instituted by God. Subsequent generations would then strive to inherit their exemplary heart of love toward God, and within each family, as: husband and wife, parents and children, and siblings.


"It is a natural succession that true and happy families will lead to true and happy communities." He said.

He rhetorically asked why our world was so messed up? He went on to explain that "the first couple had 'violated the pure standard of God-centered love' thus compromising their true relationship with God. This problem gave birth to fallen humanity rifed with chaos, conflict and confusion.

"In God's effort to re-establish true humanity, He sent Jesus. Though Jesus was rejected and killed, he was able to secure victory as a true filial son in attendance to God. On the foundation of Jesus' victory, God has now raised up Reverend and Mrs. Moon who have pioneered the path of a faithful couple, and who are giving the "Holy Marriage Blessing" to couples across the world. On the foundation of this "Blessing," couples are able to build blessed families who can inherit the original ideal of God.


"Couples, transcending race, religion, culture, nationality, and ethnicity, are invited to participate in the Marriage Blessings. The Marriage Blessing is a key ceremony through which God can reclaim His lineage in order to restore His original ideal. He originally wanted true and happy families throughout all the earth. They are the foundation for true and lasting peace and love."

A video on Universal Peace Federation (UPF) activities highlighting marriage and family was shown and current plans for future Marriage Blessings in Richmond were discussed.


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