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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Multicultural Fest Aug. 29, 2009

Creating One Family Under God


Richmond Multicultural Day Festival 2009 got off to a good start in its first annual program featuring varios cultures around the world. Its slogan: "Multicultural fun for evryone. Let us create a new generation of peace together. Our diversity is the strength of our community." The Africa Warmth Corporation, under the leadership of Mr. Paul Tchouke, spearheaded the program hoping that it will help to usher in a new spirit of togetherness here in City.


UPF was pleased to have supported Mr. Tchouke (Ambassador for Peace 2007)in this great effort. We were also a participating organization having a display booth of our activities at this event.

The Festival brought forth: music, dance, craft, cusine, and fashion from several countries around the world. It was free to the public.

Please contact AFP/UPF Richmond - (804)-200-9159; Email: geofavile@yahoo.com for any further information, questions, or other.


"Please join us!"

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Universal Peace Home Speeches Sexuality AFP-USA More Local Acts