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Ambassadors for Peace in Richmond, Virginia

UPF Richmond, September 5th, 2009

Creating One Family Under God


The focus of our September meeting was the Bering Strait project inspired by our founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Mr. Timothy Elder (AFP), a representative of the Foundation for Peace and Unification, delivered a well-informed powerpoint presentation titled: "Building a Sustainable World Community". This project, the Bering Strait Bridge/Tunnel (BSBT), spans a distance of about 50 miles between Alaska and the nearest Russian land base. The purpose is to connect the United States and Russia creating vast opportunies for greater interaction of trade and cultural exchange.

The era of the Cold War brought great tensions between these two superpowers; tensions that continue even today, though less so. We must resort to launching all efforts to diffuse the tensions and open new avenues for harmonious relationship between these two great nations.


There are still many nations in the Eastern European sphere that have close ties with Russia. Some nations that were formerly aligned with the Soviet Union via communism, and later to Russia through the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), have taken on closer links with Western Europe and the United States. This is causing Russia to become more suspicious and wary of the U.S. With the establishment of the BSBT, there is no doubt that not only Russia and the United States will benefit, but all other nations of the world. Greater connectedness among the nations will help to foster advancement toward world peace.

BSBT will be part of the greater vision for an international highway system which will traverse Africa, Europe, Russia, China, US/Canada and through to South America.


Read founder's words on the Bering Strait Project:Founder's Vision

Please visit our UPF International site for more information on the Bering Strait project. Click here:Bering Strait

Further to the above, we were also able to cover the central tenets of the Ambassadors For Peace program and the appointment of new AFPs. The Blessing and Peace Toast was conducted at the end of the program. It symbolizes God's blessing and peace on all the families and representatives of nations present. Participants from: Japan, Korea, U.S., Jamaica, Burma, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Guyana and Cameroon were in attendance.

*In our next meeting, we will be taking a deeper look into the views of the world's religions on "God" (known by many other names). The unifying an elevated perspective of UPF will be presented. The date for our next meeting will be announced soon.


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