Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI)

Creating One Family Under God



(Above) Activities in Palestine and Israel. In Independence Park, Jerusalem, about 20,000 Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered for ceremony honoring the founders of their faiths, peace and reconciliation.

The great efforts for peace in the Middle East:

Peace under one God; Unity in the family of Abraham; Mutual recognition of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (the great Founders); Repentance, Forgiveness and Reconciliation among the Abrahamic faiths; Practice of True Love; Embracing the Practice of the "International Cross-Cultural Marriage Blessing;" and becoming Ambassadors for Peace.

Though peace in the Middle East may take some time, because of long-standing resentments among its peoples, the above path is the true path that God has revealed through Rev. Moon to accomplish this great but difficult endeavor. We ask all those who love peace to embrace this path and pray for speedy realization of lasting peace in the Holy Land.

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