One Family Under God
The ideal of 'one family under God' originates from God's purpose to create a world of love centering on His heart. Originally, Adam and Eve should have perfected the love of God in their family, and multiply it through their children, from generation to generation, for all eternity. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan dominated fallen humanity, separated us from God, and brought divisions among all people.

Today, we are divided into races, religions, ethnic groups, cultures, and nationalities. There seems to be no end in sight to the divides, and no one, so far, has been able to propose a successful formula to unite humanity.

The hope for a new beginning is peaking in our hearts

The many wars throughout history and the emmergence of revolutionary ideologies, religious campaigns, political programs; all culminating in the world wars of the 20th century, have not healed our historical rifts. Human beings have been sacrificed, millions and millions of us; still the solutions to true and lasting peace and unity elude us.

As we enter the 21st century and new millennium, the hope for a new world and new beginning is peaking in the hearts of our generation. The question is: In this divided world, how can true peace be realized? The answer must be a messianic one, because all other means have been tried, without success.

What is the messianic soultion? Answer: Advancing the vision of "One Family Under God". How so? Because, as stated above, this was God's original ideal, His plan for humankind, His dream for His Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Is this not what Jesus came to establish? Yes.

The answer must be a messianic one because all other means have been tried without success

The essence of Jesus' proclamation was: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" How did he intend to realize the Kingdom of God? He wanted to reconcile everyone to the heart and love of God. He proclaimed the Fatherhood of God and the love that should exist between us all, as the sons and daughters of God. He prayed intensely that we be one as he and the Father are one (Jn.17).

Can "one family under God" be realized by a compromise of the world's religions? In short, the answer is, 'no'. A compromise among the world's faiths cannot lead to true unity. Only the true love of God and the practice of fraternal love among brothers and sisters of the world can realize true and lasting oneness.

Adherents from all religions, races and cultures can therefore be connected to God's original love

We are therfore called to return to our original positions as sons and daughters of God and to practice the love of God among ourselves, transcending race, religion and culture.

To return to our original position before God, from our present fallen state, we must follow the path laid out by God through His Messiah. The Messiah comes as the restored or true Adam (and Eve), establishes himself as the true Son of God, Savior, True Parent and Lord. He is able to lay the conditions and guide us along the path through which fallen humankind can be restored as God's true sons and daughters.

Adherents from all religions, races and cultures can therefore be connected to God's original love, thus realizing the common parentship of God and the true brotherhood of humankind. This process will mark the maturing and harvesting of the world's religions for lasting world peace and the establishment of the original ideal. With this deeper spiritual understanding, we are therefore able to appreciate that we truly belong together as "One Family Under God."