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Sexuality in the Last Days

The present state of immoral sexuality in our culture and world has reached the zenith of depravity. We have arrived at the boiling point on many adverse moral issues, such as: adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography, and a host of others. The most serious challenges to our societal stability now stand at our door of the 21st century. How will we move forward? Will we prevail? Is there already a clear solution in our midst, or, should we be waiting for one?

Here, we will closely examine God's original plan for man, the true nature of the root of sexual problems, and the path through which God has been working to resolve these problems.

Genesis informs us that God created man in His image and likeness as "male and female" and, was truly satisfied with His creation. He then blessed them to "be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over all things" (1:28). Also, with the future in mind, He specifically mandated marriage for each man and woman (2:24); descendants of Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were to have created a true family and a loving society. They embodied God's heart, logos (idea or plan) and spirit of dominion. But, were they already perfected beings?

From the Genesis narrative it emerges that though they were created to God's satisfaction, i.e. "very good", they were not yet perfected beings having "one heart with God." (3:11-13). Further, a man in perfection cannot be deceived by other beings (Matt. 4:3-4). They were created flawless in form but were at an immature stage of spiritual growth when God gave them the commandment: "Do not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." (2:17).

In Rev. Moon's Divine Principle, he explains that Adam and Eve and all living beings were created by God to attain perfection through three universal stages of growth: formation, growth and completion. Adam and Eve were therefore to have perfected themselves in oneness with God, in "absolute faith, obedience and love." This was their required portion of responsibility before God, akin to fulfilling the great commandment (Mt.22:37), a path later perfected by Jesus (Heb.5:7-9; Lk.2:40,52).

In the three growth stages of man: childhood, adolescence and adulthood, the most risky and turbulent period is adolescence. Why? It is the stage of human development wherein sexual sensitivities become strongly awakened, giving rise to serious challenges of self-restraint and self-control pertaining to the attraction of and to the opposite sex.

Although many Bible scholars have not been able to clearly unravel the deeper underpinnings of the fall of man, Solomon, in the wisdom literature of the Bible, utilizes: "To eat of the fruit" to mean sexual relationship (see Song Sol. 2:3; 4:9-16; 5:1). Likewise, "to know" (rooted in the Tree of Knowledge) as used in the Genesis narrative, conveys in a metaphorical sense, sexual intercourse; example: "Adam knew Eve and had Cain." (Gen.4:1).

The resultant shame and fear that led Adam and Eve to cover their "lower parts" (3:7,10) after "eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil," convincingly point to an illicit and premature sexual relationship, forbidden by God. They did not seek to cover their mouths, but their sexual organs, the area of transgression. (Job 31:33).

The elements, process and results of the fall, in the beginning, would therefore become the modus operandi for the moral corruption of ensuing generations and civilizations. In the last days, sexual permissiveness will become rampantly brazened, uninhibited and uncontrollable. Therefore, at the consummation of human history, the problems inherent in fallen sexual relations will ultimately peak.

The positions of the original involved parties: the Archangel (Serpent), Eve and Adam will be constantly played-out in human relations to the detriment of our world societies.

Satan, the fallen archangel, will again seek to target the center of God's providence in order to defile and destroy it through every form of unprincipled love.

God, in order to rectify man's relationship to Him, and also of that between man and woman, set the condition for man's absolute obedience, faith and love. He ordained circumcision (of the sexual organ) through Abraham (Gen.17:10), and established sexual purification laws (see Leviticus 18) through Moses. He also commanded the chosen people not to defile themselves with sexual immorality "...because this is how the nations before them became defiled."(18:24). Abstinence and purity of love before marriage, and fidelity in marriage were also clearly mandated by God.

In fulfilling the above conditions (i.e., purification of the lineage), on the level of the Old Testament, creates the foundation for the appearance of the Messiah (the new Adam and Eve). The Messiah comes in the last days to bring a true and conclusive solution to the problem of the fall and fallen human history.

Today (the time of the last days), our culture is submerged in sexual misuse; as a result, a magnum of sexually transmitted diseases, including the deadly HIV-AIDS abound. Adolescent sexual permissiveness and teenage pregnancy, direct outgrowths of the fall of immature Adam and Eve are unabashed in our presence. The culture of the fall depicted in Revelation 17, and, as foreseen by Paul (2Tim.3:1-6) and other biblical writers, appears to be dominant in our time and is unshaken by every traditional Christian effort to displace it.

What then is the true solution?

The Messianic Solution
We have so far, discussed the origin of human misguided sexuality as it pertained to the fall of Adam and Eve, and the pervasiveness of the resultant sexual immorality through subsequent generations up to our present age.

God's efforts throughout history, to solve the problems of human sexuality, have been only foundational, He wanted to purify the human blood lineage so that a new Adam (and Eve) can be born. With the appearance of the new Adam (and Eve), the dispensation to finally eradicate the root of the original sin can substantially begin.

The Messiah comes with a pure blood lineage from God. He is qualified to transform the satanic blood lineage of man by conducting a ceremony of rebirth and resurrection which is to engraft fallen man to himself (Jn.3:3,5-6; 6:53-56; Mt.26:26-28). The Book of Revelation (22:14) shows the final process of the purification of fallen man in order to return him to his original state.

Jesus came two thousand years ago to fulfill this very purpose (Jn.10:10; 11:25-26) and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth (Mt.4:17) but he was rejected and killed. He, however, prophesied that at the Second Coming "The Marriage of the Lamb and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb" will take place to resolve sin and establish purity. (Rev.19:7-9; 7:13-14).

Rev. Moon, whom God has sent with the mission of the Second Advent, explains the solution to false sexuality thus:
"Crucial to the salvation of the family is receiving and maintaining the Marriage Blessing ceremony, through which people receive the blessing of God's true love. The ideal of true parenthood, which our fallen ancestors failed to achieve, cannot be attained by the fallen descendants on their own. It is only possible through the savior sent by God; because he is the True Parent-the true ancestor that can replace the fallen ancestor. Fallen men and women, who multiplied through the false lineage, which has no relationship to God, ... can be likened to wild olive trees. They must be restored by being engrafted into the True Parent who comes as the true olive tree. The ceremony for this is the Marriage Blessing Ceremony."

On the foundation of receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing and realizing the true family standard, the historical haunt of false sexuality will come to an end and the eternal Kingdom of God will be accomplished on earth, and in Heaven. The true family under God will therefore become the basis and cornerstone for building a world of lasting peace.

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