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Empowering the Traditional Family

We live in very difficult times. Today, approximately 50% of our nation's families are divorced. There is an increasing rate of family breakdown, a high percentage of teenage pregnancy, and a continuing strong climate of infidelity among married couples. Many are simply living together without desiring to be married, while others are oriented to various forms of alternative sexual lifestyles.

Is there an end in sight? Can the family be restored to a position worthy of God's respect and honor? These are serious questions confronting us as we begin the new millennium.

The True Family Values Ministry, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), founded by Rev. Moon, believe that not only is there hope for the family, but that substantial restoration has already begun in many families.

God has not abandoned us, He has not left us wanting. All Christian families, and for that matter; all families, transcending race, religion and culture are being given the golden opportunity to pledge to eternal relationship in God and true love

The Holy Marriage Blessing which Rev. and Mrs. Moon are conducting is ordained by God. It establishes the foundation for the restoration of true marriage and family based on the original plan of God. It fosters absolute fidelity in marriage, and educates toward living for the sake of others, centering on the true love of God.

In our effort to create the ideal family of God's original purpose, we are able to comprehend Jesus' words to live a holy life of marriage without divorce (Matt. 19:5) and create godly offsprings inheriting the true lineage of God. This standard of family life typifies the realization of the kingdom of heaven. As Rev. Moon has often stated: "The kingdom of heaven is not a place for individuals, but for families."

"It is not good that man be alone,"(Gen.2:18) but it is very good for him to be blessed in marriage and build God-centered families (1:28; 2:24).

On the Family: Rev. Moon

“God made women for men, but first for children. The entire purpose of Creation relates to the female. Do you think God created all things for His partner or His child? The most important thing is for the child. The man’s shape is convex and the woman’s shape is concave—she is created to receive. Even if a woman has a doctorate, the most important thing is to have children. Do you think that you need children? This is most essential. The most precious experience of all is to nurse your baby and hold your baby in your arms. You have to nourish three generations.”

“God’s fundamental principle is to create through male and female. For a man and woman to share absolute love however, they should have only one partner. There is absolutely only one man for each woman and one woman for each man. Tragically, in the world today we see children who have had as many as ten stepfathers. How false and degraded love has become!

"The discipline of love between men and women is the foundation of the universe. We must not abuse our love as if we were animals. Our love can only have one owner (your spouse). There can be only one. This is the absolute law. ”

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