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World Peace and the Kingdom of Heaven

The foundational base for lasting world peace which is synonymous with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is composed of loving individuals (men and women), who, centering upon God's love, life and lineage, are able to build true marriages resulting in healthy and strong families.
True families will then build true nations, and true nations will create a true world. This was God's original plan for human beings when He created Adam and Eve (Gen.1:28).

Although our world is presently full of chaos and confusion, God, and those who love Him and love peace, are working day and night to bring this ideal into realization.

The hope of God and humankind is the coming of the Messiah on earth to initiate the creation of the true family ideal in accordance with God's original purpose (1:28; 2:24).
Jesus came to restore God's original plan but was rejected by the chosen people and later crucified. Although many traditional Christians may not have considered that the Messiah at his coming must realize God's original purpose, this is clearly stated in the Bible (Is.9:6-7). In light of the historical providence of God, most people have been thinking only spiritually and not substantially (concretely - i.e., in flesh and spirit).

Because of Jesus' crucifixion, the realization of the Kingdom of God on Earth must await the Second Coming of the Messiah. We now live in such a time. God has sent the True Parents, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon as the Messiah of the new millennium - the Completed Testament Age. They come inheriting the messianic foundation of Jesus (Rev.2:26-28; 3:12). In short, Rev. Moon's testimony is that Jesus appeared to him in the mountains of Korea, on Easter morning of 1936, and commissioned him to undertake his (Jesus) unfinished mission (the original plan of creation). "The nations of the earth must become the Kingdom of God..." (Rev.11:15; 12:10). There will be step by step restoration to accomplish this great task (22:2). God Himself has also been working step by step throughout human history to attain this ideal. The Messiah comes as a catalyst to speed up and conclude the providence of God. With the cooperation of those who are prepared, the Lord at his coming will usher in the Kingdom of God, synonymous with eternal peace.

Today, the world cries out for peace. "We are tired of fighting;" entangled in a vicious spiral of wars, of brothers against brothers. Reverend and Mrs. Moon, the founders of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), have been working all their life to unite people of all races, religions, and cultures. They are proclaiming "the True Parenthood of God and His true love" to humankind.

They have victoriously elevated God's providence from the individual level to the family, nation, world, and cosmic (Heaven and earth) levels. They are the ones of whom the Bible speaks as the "two olive trees, two witnesses, two prophets and two lampstands which stand before God" (Rev. chp.11). Today, they are extending invitation to all to come forward and participate in the "International Holy Marriage Blessing" in order to receive the "change of blood lineage" so that we will be able to create true families on earth.(Gen. 12:2-3, Rev.19:7-9).

The time has come. The new millennium in which we have just entered is a period of great transition to world peace and the Kingdom of God. The right conditions have already been established by the True Parents. Millions of families (on earth and in Heaven) have received the Holy Marriage Blessing (Rev.19:7-9). They stand before God as "Blessed Families." Through these blessed families, a new culture of peace; the "Peace Kingdom" is being established on earth and in Heaven. The power and authority of God is now spreading throughout the world. On January 13th, 2001 (first year of the new millennium), Rev. Moon conducted a special ceremony, in Korea,
coronating God as the King and Sovereign Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Now, it is a matter of time and cooperation among the peoples of the world to help usher in an era of lasting peace. It will be an era in which we can truly become "One Family under God". It will be the substantial Kingdom of God on earth and in Heaven.

God has been patiently waiting for us to begin afresh. Please join us!

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